Subscription boxes are on-trend and available for all of your interests! These boxes make amazing gifts, and they are great ways to sample different products to find what you like. If you know what you like, subscription boxes are perfect for adding more variety into your life. Candle subscriptions will make your house smell fresh and new every month.

Fresh Scents Every Month

If you love coming home to exciting, warm smells, a candle subscription box is perfect for you! New candles arrive every month. This means that you will never tire of a particular scent. The variety will give you plenty of options. New fragrances each month will invigorate the environment in your home.  

Designed to Last for a Month

Have you ever fallen in love with the scent of a candle and been too afraid to burn it? It is tempting to only break out luxury candles for special occasions. With candle subscriptions, though, new candles come every month! Each candle is designed to be burned for a month, so you can let your house soak up the scent without worrying about when the next candle is coming.  

Try Something New

Looking at a picture is not a suitable way to select a scent. Sometimes going to a candle store can muddle your nose until you are not sure what anything smells like. Candle subscriptions are the perfect way to try a new aroma. It is like a trial period. You can see how the candles mix with the other scents in your home, without a long-term commitment.

You may like floral scents. Fruity fragrances may catch your nose. You might not have any idea what you like. With new candles coming every month, you can try different smells and determine which scent best suits your taste.

Easy to Use

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Candle subscriptions bring fresh scents to your door with only a few clicks. They can be canceled or renewed with ease from your account, and you can decide if you want to renew for a short or long period.

Candles will ship to the same address once you have subscribed. You will not need to renew each month, and you will not need to re-confirm your shipping address. This hassle-free process makes a candle subscription pain-free.


Fall scents evoke images of crisp apples and plump pumpkins. Winter smells like peppermint,  cinnamon, and pine trees. Spring smells like lavender and fresh rain. Buying new household decorations for each season can be expensive and can add clutter to your home.

Candle subscriptions are the perfect way to celebrate new seasons. With monthly candles tailored to the month and/or season, you can invite the spirit of each season to your home.

Amazing Gifts

Subscription boxes are the gifts that literally keep on giving. Candle subscriptions are unique and with the variety offered, there is something for everyone on your list.

Every month when the next box comes, your loved ones will remember how much you care about them.

Self-Care Brought to Your Door

Fresh, bright scents can calm your mind. Deep breathing in a room with a cozy candle can help lower your heart rate and bring clarity to your mind. There is a reason people love taking bubble baths while surrounded by candles. The flickering of the flame combined with a beautiful scent connects to our ancient DNA, and it is soothing to our souls.

With a candle subscription, you will get a monthly reminder to take care of yourself and do some little things that bring you joy.

Candle subscriptions bring comfort and heart-warming scents to your door every month. They are perfect for trying new scents, giving as gifts, and for adding to your self-care routines