women hate sex



Some women complain that they don’t enjoy sex but that is a big lie because women enjoy sex more than men unless those who are in a tradition that practice female genital mutilation which I see such tradition as a harmful tradition. So if you are a woman and you are not among those that have undergo female genital mutilation and you said that you hate, that you don’t enjoy sex, I call you a liar because even those that are involved with female genital  mutilation does have feeling and they also enjoy romance so  which means if they are to live just the way they are created without  been circumcise  they will love and enjoy sex .

In marriage or relationship

if a man doesn’t perform well or if a man doesn’t satisfy a woman to the apex, the woman will always feel unhappy with her partner. If a woman said she doesn’t enjoy it, then allow your husband or partner to go out and look for the one who enjoy it. Some women  do say that they don’t  enjoy it or they hate but  if their husband doesn’t touch them or have sex with them for a month or two  they will start to complain to the whole neighborhood about the character or their husband or they will begin to suspect their husband to be sleeping  with other women  out  there.

If you know you don’t enjoy it why then will you not allow your partner to look for sex elsewhere and stop complaining that he doesn’t touch you or notice you. Please women try to be plain and tell yourself the truth and not pretending  because doing so may make you lose that man  who you love most or that  man  who love you with all his heart if   the reason why  you don’t like it is that most men want sex  only from a woman  then you need  to please change that mentality and make your partner happy. If you have  undergo sexual abuse and hate it due to that please try to  give your mind peace and be happy with your life for you to enjoy more better things that are to come.

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