Why Marriage Failed You

Why marriage failed you

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You are worried about how a lovely marriage full of love and happiness can still fail. There are many reasons why many marriages don’t last. But I will take time to explain all that to you, for you to be careful and know why there are many problems in marriages today. “Why marriage failed you”


Why marriage failed you


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  1. Wrong choice.

When making a marriage decision, you need to be sure and careful of the person. I advise to pray and listen to your mind’s best advice. You can consult a spiritual father or leader for you to be sure if he or she is the right person, for you to avoid making a mistake, or marrying the wrong person.


  1. Lack of attention and affection.

In marriage both need to give one another, all the attention and affection that is needed. So if you want a long lasting marriage, you need to avoid all the distractions and give your love, all the attention and affection needed.


  1. Lack of formula.

You have to know what works best for your family and know the best thing to do or best way to handle things in your marriage. Don’t copy from other family or do things because it’s working for your friend, what works for them may not work in your own family. So finding the right formula or a way to handle things in your marriage is the best way to help make your marriage last long.

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  1. Listening to third party.

The best way to last long is to avoid third party. Remember I said that every family has its own formula. So try not to listen to third party advice or even telling him or her about anything in your marriage to avoid you adding more problems in your marriage.

“Why marriage failed you”

  1. Lack of understanding.

It is very important you understand each other. Because if you have a good understanding between you two, then know that you will be happy and live together as one. But if you fail to understand each other, then you will make a terrible and bad marriage. You need to understand that no matter what any of you do, there is a reason behind it simple.


  1. Lack of communication.

Without effective communication between the two of you, then the marriage won’t last at all. So no matter what happens or how hard it is, try to set up a rule to always call each other at all the time.


  1. Lack of trust.

Without trust you won’t last. So trust your partner in all he or she does. Having trust on your partner is the best way for you to be together and have less problems of him or her doing anything to hurt you. So trust your spouse in all you do and always try to hear from your partner first.


  1. Think about your family first before anything.

Remembering your family is everything, so try to consider about your family first before anything else. So without having to think about family first you can’t succeed in marriage.

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“Why marriage failed you”

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