Why Is Booking Escort Girls Seen As Taboo In Asian Countries?

Booking a call girl can be something which is seen as very common and mundane in Western countries. However, in Asian countries such as Singapore, even though escorts are secretly commonplace, nobody talks about it in public due to the industry being seen as somewhat taboo. This is because the general public in Asian countries like Singapore have misconceptions about clients who meet escort girls, as explained in this article. Singapore escorts sometimes get a public impression that they are all gold diggers, and that the clients are all sleazy old man. However, although the truth is far from it, as illustrated below, there is that impression and hence it is seen as somewhat taboo of sorts and kept secretive.

Since most escorts prefer keeping their job a secret, almost no call girl in Singapore will ever reveal that she is working as one to anyone else. This is partly because privacy is seen as highly important here, and also that the general culture in Asian countries are more conservative. Therefore, Singaporeans who are not clients have probably never ever interacted with a social escort before, and their perception of these girls are whatever they read online about it. Since many such forums and places online talk about them either in a busybody or negative light, the general public population in Singapore feels that the women working are gold diggers or are easy therefore they work such jobs. While some work for the fun of it, the truth is most call girls are often working as one because their family members are having serious financial issues, and having just a day job alone is insufficient to help them out.

Many people mix up prostitutes and social escorts, but the reality is the former provides sexual services as their service, while the latter acts as a pretend girlfriend and sells companionship. Due to the lack of knowledge in this area by many people in SG, many people mix them out. And because most of the men in Singapore’s red light districts who look for prostitutes do somewhat look like sleazy old man, many people wrongly extrapolate that and presume that those men who look for social escorts are the same too, when it is not. In fact, there is a saying that the lower income guys go out and look for prostitutes, while the higher income guys look for escort companions to go to them. But because the misconceptions are so strong in certain Asian cities such as Singapore, the clients would also prefer not talking about their appointments with these call girls at all, because other people may start associating them with ‘sleazy old men’ as a result.