Why Is Attraction Important For Romantic Relationships?

Why Is Attraction Important For Romantic Relationships?

You have probably heard that it is what’s on the inside that counts. While that may be true, physical attraction is also important for healthy relationships. There are several reasons for this. However, physical attraction is not the only factor that influences how attracted to another person we become. 

If you are wondering if your relationship is struggling because there is limited physical attraction and intimacy, there could be other factors at play like mental illness or conflicts in the relationship. You may find that a mental health professional can help you work through issues that allow you to be open in a relationship as well. You can find therapists for both individuals and couples at BetterHelp.  

Let’s look at the reasons that physical attraction is important as well as the other factors of attraction. This can help you see aspects that you may want to prioritize in your romantic partners.


The Importance of Physical Attraction

First of all, physical attractiveness is what guides us in our romantic pursuits. It can help to direct us to healthy partners. It is an important factor in romantic partners for both men and women and decides our romantic and dating decisions as much as personality and intelligence. 

However, the importance doesn’t stop when we find a partner. Physical attraction can increase the affection in your relationship, and this can foster connectedness. Holding hands, cuddling, and other forms of loving affection are good for a relationship. Plus, research shows that physical touch is important for health and well-being. 

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In addition, sex life is important for relationships. Intimacy can improve your well-being and feeling of connection with your partner. Conversely, a lack of intimacy can promote dissatisfaction.

Despite these important factors for physical attraction in a romantic relationship, there are other factors to attraction.

Why Is Attraction Important For Romantic Relationships?

Factors of Attraction

There are several different factors that may also influence your attraction to another person. First, there is personal appearance, which has already been discussed. The physical attractiveness of a person is personal to us. While there may be some commonalities in physically attractive features, we may find that we are inexplicably attracted to some people more than others. 

Another factor is called proximity. This means that we are attracted to people who are physically close to use. Doing things with people who are close to us can strengthen the bond between us and make them more attractive. Familiarity also plays a role in attraction that may increase with proximity. 

Similarity is another factor, because opposites do not attract like many people have been told, at least not completely. We are drawn to people that are similar to ourselves. This means that attractiveness depends on similar ideals, interests, ages, and hobbies.

In addition, the personality of another person should compliment our own for increased attractiveness. For example, someone who talks a lot naturally wants someone who is a good listener. We will be more attracted to someone who is opposite but remains complimentary as long as we share similar ideals and values.

These primary factors will not only make another person more attractive to us but may also make the relationship more fun. If we are close to them physically, as well as familiar with them and physically attracted to them, then we are likely to enjoy the time spent together. Similarity as well as complimentary personalities just increases that likelihood of interesting experiences and fun situations. 

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There are likely other values that you may want to consider as well. Where you are at the stage in your life in relation to your romantic interest may be crucial to the success or failure of a relationship. You will also likely be more attracted to those who want similar things out of a relationship.

Wealth and social status may also play a role. However, this may be tied into values. If you value status or are seeking out someone who values money and social status, then you will likely make someone who values those things more attractive to you. Education is likely similar in that way. 

Finally, reciprocity certainly plays a role. If we find out that a person is attracted to us, we may, in turn, feel more attracted to them. Furthermore, playing hard to get may also play a role, but whether or not it makes someone more attractive is not agreed upon by social psychology experts. 


Attraction is not merely physical attraction, but a plethora of factors. However, physical attraction is still important for guiding our decisions in love and romance and for keeping the spark alive in an existing relationship. Other factors include proximity, reciprocity, and similarity. Hopefully this helps you see why you are attracted to certain people over others.

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