Why hate your spouse

Why hate your spouse

Marriage as we all know is the agreement between a man and a woman or is the agreement between to individual to be in a union as husband and wife.

Now if this agreement is between two people that mean the agreement doesn’t just start anyhow, but instead the agreement must have start somewhere, one day, at a spot or a particular place where they meet each other for the first time.

If you can agree with me that anybody who decide to marry or live with someone must have meet the person or love the person, now let get something straight here about marriage, marriage don’t just occur or happen between this two people but it has process which is passes through before it occurs or come to be between two individual.

The process marriage passes through.

The most common process that every marriage passes before it occurs or come to be between two individuals is (casual friends – friendship – relationship – marriage) that means at first you are casual friends before you be in friendship then you two agree to be in relationship before you finally decide to be in marriage, which is the main solid agreement the world see and know about, which also is the main agreement that makes everybody to see, call or know you two as one body and one soul.

hate spouse partner love friendship relationship

Now when you are casual friends with each other, something makes you or you must have seen something in your spouse then that makes you love the person and decide to be in friendship with him or her. During all this time you are with him or her, you never see his or her bad life,or you never have anything that will make you hate him or her you never notice there is no love between you two, now all this time you spent with each other will you say that you are blinded in love or that out of love then you don’t know his or her character.


Okay, let us agree you never know his or her character then, an you then decide to be in relationship with your partner and still you don’t love him or her, you never know then that there is no love between you two. My question for you is this, what then came over you to propose or accept his or her proposal and you still see anything that you hate in him or her.

So after passing through all these process and even accepting or proposing to him or her find fault in him or her, after all these good memories you both ha together you still have the heart to quit the marriage, after all this love an promises, you still want to quit him or her, you now have something to hate him or her for. Think twice over that your actions, put yourself in your spouse shoes before you divorce him or her, ask yourself if divorce is the only option to solve that issue, do you think there is a special thing about that new person you are planning to be with, the truth is that in this life or world we are living now nobody is perfect, even the woman that give birth to you, if you can reason well with me in this, why then do you still want to divorce him or her, why not find something in your partner that will make you love him or her once more.

hate spouse partner love friendship relationship

When I was a child I never see my parents shout or quarrel with each other, I usually ask myself, does it mean that they never ha issues at all, but when I grew up I realized that no matter the issue they have, they always talked about it at night and also solve that issue at that particular time, why I raise this, is to inform you that many others out there that you think they don’t have issues in their own marriage, do have their own individual issues but just matter of how you handle your own problems.

There are others with different family problems but out of love and understanding they forgive, I know at times you may be tired of your partner but that can’t make you leave that heart that love and care for you after many years you both spend or have been together, after all these love and memories you both shared, you now know he or she has a fault or don’t treat you well.

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Remember that marriage is the highest and respectful union you can be with someone, so always try to maintain that agreement, try to keep that promise you make, try to value that person who choose to be with you, who left everybody and his or her family just to spend the rest of his or her life with you and form a new family with you, so you are now trying to say that he or she makes a mistake with such decision, that you never deserve his or her love, so now you know that he or she has a fault, now you know he or she is not funny or fun to be with, or is there no beauty on your partner again.

hate spouse partner love friendship relationship

If you think that there is something lacking in your marriage, why not you bring them back again just like old times and save your marriage, why not stop all the excuses you are giving, stop listening to that advice from a friend to divorce your spouse because is not going to solve you problem but put you in more problem an remember that your friend may have his or her problems too because nobody is perfect in all.

Please try to see more love, caring, fun and happiness in your partner and remember that marriage neither succeed by chance neither do it succeed by accident. You need to make conscious and deliberate efforts, if you want to succeed in marriage because a successful marriage is a product of hard work, patience and understanding from both partners. So try to change your thoughts, attitude and words toward your partner!

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