Girls This Why guys mess you up part 2

Girls This Why guys mess you up part 2

Like I said in the previous article ladies this is why men mess you up, I point out some reasons why men treat you girls anyhow and I promise you to always write more reasons why guys messed lades today I decide to keep that promise I made to you by writing this article but I don’t want to talk much about it because there are not much to say about if but just few points which are the main points the few points on it, is for you as lady to know and live with it. In fact this is the main reason why you are been treated anyhow by a man and if you can try to learn and take cushions on this, you will forever never be messed up again by men.

girlsBefore we dive in to this topic there is something I want you ladies to know something about men. A man that don’t love can never love you or let say it will be hard to be loved by him because men don’t have the kind heart you girls do, once a man made up his mind that he don’t love a girl, he will never change it back or it will be hard to change his heart to love the girl. sometimes you should try to control your feelings for the first time when you meet a guy don’t just rush to have sex with him or do you think is Pornography things or better say porn movies, many men have kill their mind with Pornography lifestyle an that make most of them lack feelings an think about you as an object of sex. No matter the good dresses you put on is still mean nothing to him because a man who don’t can never easily love you.

Now with this I mean to advice you as a girl not to waste your time on such man because he may end up toiling and hurting your heart, so the best thing I advice you is never to waste your love on such man because you will never win him instead try to make a decision to leave him, I know is hard for you as a woman because I know how you girls behave when you are in love with a man you will feel that there is no world again outside him but the truth is that there is a very beautiful and more relax world out there than that your man you are living with but you have to give it a try an stand up on your feet and decide to let go of him.

Some mistake you girls do and which make guys to mess you up is nothing else than living fake life in front of your man and this action pains me a lot seeing a lady pretending to be what she is not, forgetting that a guy should love you because of who you are and not what you are, this pretending may cause you more harm than you can never imagine in your life especially when you meet a play guy or a man who is like you too.

I can’t forget this story of a man who is very rich and come from a very rich family too, this man parents meet a lay who they asked him to marry but he refuse but was later begged by his mother and agreed but on a long run they notice that she is not what she told them she was because she claimed to be the daughter of a well know big man but one day the guy meet another girl who don’t lie about who she is and her character make the boy to love and value her more, now let get something here he dumped the other girl because she lie of who she is but still love the other girl because of who she is, assuming the other girl don’t lie of who she is, maybe she would have been love by the guy now she ended up hurting and disgracing her self . so try to stop leaving fake life and be plain of who you are, for you to meet that man that man who truly love you.

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guys heat or mess up

Now I want you girls to know this when you notice he is cheating you not just once but over and over again or that he don’t love you anymore, stand up to your feet and say to his face that is over and not allowing yourself to be used or deceive by him again, the best way to overcome all these is to believe in yourself and tell yourself the truth that he don’t love you and try to move on with your life believing that you can never change him. Always remember that if you give him another chance that he will still hurt you because he is a man and not woman who may change their mind due to one thing or the other, try always to overcome that love and not been blinded by the word called because been blinded in love will make you not to know the real man in him, it will make him to always use you and dump you with the intention that you won’t o anything because you are blinded in love.

My advice to you as a lady is to always be careful with the kind of man you fall on love with, many of this men after watching their Pornography movies sees you as nothing but object of sex, whether you put on your best dresses is still nothing to him and you ladies should always try to o-operate, trust and stand together as one and not hating an taking each other for granted because that is the main reason why guys mess you all up because you women don’t love yourself neither do you be open with each other, due to this character, you will see a man who has slept with almost all the girls that called themselves friends but when you co-operate and love each other there will be unity and you will see that guys will never mess you up again because you all know about each other and also care about each other too.

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