Let’s pay a little visit to our past, shall we?

Circa’92, it’s a warm, summer afternoon and you’re headed back home from school. There’s excitement in the air as your dad promised to let you use the new computer he brought home. Finally, you reach home, rush to the study and there it is, resting proudly in all its glory. You flip the switch on and connect your computer with the internet. Apparently, people are raving about this new technology. What did you call it? Ah yes, the dialup. With jitters of being a first time user, you connect your computer with the ‘new’ dialup connection. There’s noise – a lot of it, along with a string of complaints that are protesting for telephone line being interrupted…….
Fast forward to ‘00s, dialups have turned into a pain. With constant interruption in telephone lines and speed of a snail, dialup’s failure was inevitable to meet. Luckily, we were introduced to a better solution, broadband internet.

Broadband Internet – The More You Know

Broadband internet came out as a successor to dialup. It provides speeds at a much faster rate than dialup connections and soon it became a go-to internet option for most households in the US. Broadband is an umbrella term that’s anointed with 4 different forms namely: Cable, Satellite, Fiber-Optic, and DSL.
Broadband internet is sturdier and a much affordable option. Since 2011, the USA has seen a significant spike in broadband internet users. Currently, there were more than 100 million broadband internet users in the US in 2018. Comcast leads the market, and Charter Spectrum is trying to catch up while standing at the second spot. Spectrum Internet service is known for its perennially functioning cable internet service, which is available in different plans for affordable prices.

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What makes Broadband Internet worth a shot?

Broadband internet diminished the hassles that dialup connections entailed. Whether your household has a big number of avid content streamers or gamers, rest assured, broadband internet makes accessing internet a breeze. Plus, several other reasons make broadband a preferred type of connection over others.

Interested to know more about it? Here we go:
• Broadband connections are designed to send and receive data at a greater capacity. This means, there you are less likely to experience bottlenecks in connectivity.
• Do you remember when you had to spend minutes after minutes, trying to connect your computer with the internet using a dialup? Well, with broadband you connect instantly. Broadband internet connection is always on and ready to connect your device. So, if you want your productive juices flowing, then make sure to keep a solid broadband internet connection at hand.
• Broadband internet is the most affordable type of internet connection. All Internet Service Providers that offer broadband internet connections offer a fixed priced for standalone options and bundles for which you won’t have to break your bank.
• Whether you have to stream videos, browse through interactive websites, or do some heavy gaming, broadband internet caters to all of your needs perfectly. Since the data that’s transmitted through such a connection is always consistent, you don’t experience lags and blips while you carry on defeating your gaming nemesis.
• Broadband internet connection is more versatile than you could ever have imagined. Besides powering up your devices with the internet, this type of connection is best to power up TV sets too. All you need is a smart TV plugged with your broadband router and you’re good to go!
• Internet connection networks are always at a high risk of being breached by a hacker. Broadband internet connections luckily boast more security as compared to other options. Most broadband internet providers offer powerful security suites that keep your devices protected.
• Conventional telephones are on the verge of becoming outdated. Now, broadband connections can juice up telephone sets at your home to a whole new level. With VoIP technology, telephones use broadband internet connection instead of a conventional analog one. With this technology, you can make unlimited phone calls anywhere in the world, without worrying about the cost of your monthly bill.

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Juice Up Your Devices with Broadband Internet

The demand for a broadband internet connectionwill always remain high, given that customers need a reliable and consistent connection to get things done online. We’re immensely lucky to have top-notch ISPs like Mediacom Internet helping us stay connected with high-speed broadband internet for extremely pocket-friendly rates. If things continue to pace like this, then there’s no way broadband internet’s demand will ever go down unless we get a more powerful option.