Why Do Skinny Guys Like Big Girls?

Do you have question about skinny guys and there choice and asking “Why do skinny guys like big girls?”
Well today am going to answer some questions about it and help you understand better.

Why do skinny guys like big girls?

Skinny guys like big girls because they felt complete while dating them. He will not feel happy seeing how skinny he is and also go and date or marry the same type of person, this is one of the reasons why they prefer big girls.

Is being skinny attractive for guys?

Yes being skinny is attractive for guys but not to all men, especially those guys who are skinny. But is very attractive to muscular guys.

Do guys prefer thick or skinny?

There is no special choice between thick or skinny girls to men, all depends on what attracts the guy, some men love thick girls. especially skinny guys, while others prefer skinny girls, is all about choice.

How skinny is too skinny for a guy?

There is nothing like too skinny for a guy, what matters is to meet the right guy who lives you that way.

Are skinny women attractive?

Yes skinny women are very attractive the same way thick girls are, you will understand better when you see a man that loves skinny girls.


Finally I believe that you have come to understand that weather skinny or thick, what matters is to meet the one who love you that way and not thinking that you are not attractive.