Why Do People Kiss

Why Do People Kiss

Why do people kiss is a question that many are asking today because maybe they don’t seem to understand or know the purpose of kissing in a relationship. So relax because I will let you know the reason why people kiss and other things about kissing that you may not know.


Why do people kiss

• People kiss out of emotions and affection that they have for each other. The attachment between two people is what makes them to kiss each other.
• People kiss out of love and emotions.
• People kiss to make up after fight.
• To comfort each other.

What is the purpose of a kiss?

• The purpose of a kiss is to express your feelings and affection for each other.
• It is a way to express your happiness and joy of love you have each other.
• It is another way for you to tell someone how you feel for him or her.

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Is kissing natural or learned?

Kissing can be said to learned although we kiss naturally, but on the first time kiss you may be a bad kisser, but with time you will be perfect on it, that is why it can be said to be learned. While some may be bad kisser on the first kiss others may also kiss perfectly too.


Why do we close our eyes when we kiss?

• Closing of eyes can be said to be a way of focusing and avoiding distractions.
• Some people close their eyes because they are shy.
• Closing of eyes can also said to be a way to help you feel relaxed.
• While some closes their eyes because they are enjoying the kiss.


Why Do People Kiss


Why do guys like kissing with tongue?

Guys like kissing with tongue because it increases the emotions and feeling, which will turn cause arousal. So the purpose of kissing with tongue is to have a deep and emotional kiss.


What are the side effects of kissing?

• Kissing can expose you to nasty bacteria that makes you feel terrible.
• It spreads virus.
• Kissing can lead to cold sores.
• It can also cause cavities.
• It can also expose you to blood borne virus.
• Kissing can also lead to sexual transmitted diseases.


Who invented kiss?

Kissing is a learned behavior and according to theorized history, it was said that their is nothing like kissing in the western world, that the Greeks learn about kissing when Alexander De Great invade India.

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Does kissing increase lip size?

No kissing do not increase the lip size, although during kissing the lips is said to enlarge but it is not permanent. So kissing is never a way to increase the lip size.


Where do I put my hands when kissing?

• Put your hands on your partner neck.
• At his or her back.
• You can place your hands on his chest.
• You can hold on her waist.


Why does he keep his eyes open while kissing?

Keeping his eyes open depends on the guy and it’s reasons why kissing you, because some guys love looking at their women’s face, while others turns on as they look at their woman while kissing. So kissing with eyes open is best reason known by him.


What does it mean when a guy closes his eyes while kissing?

Most men don’t close their eyes while kissing but those who do so are those who are so emotional. So when he closes his eyes,he has deep feelings and emotions towards you.


Does kissing arouse a guy?

Yes kissing arouse a guy, especially when you are kissing him and at the same time touching and romancing him.


Can a man fall in love after a kiss?

It depends on the kind of man that you are dealing with. Kissing is not among the things that can make all men fall in love, but it might work for some men and not all.


Why does my girlfriend closes her eyes when we make love?

If she closes her eyes when kissing,then it may be because she is shy or because she is really enjoying you more. So it also depends on her own personal reasons for doing so.

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Why does he shake when kissing?

If he shakes while kissing, that means he is so much in love with you, and also have an anxiety on him.


How do you know if a guy is turned on while kissing?

If their is an excitement at the moment of the kiss and the taste for more, then know that he is really turned on. Because if he is really turned on he will like to have a deep kiss and want more with you.


What is the right age to kiss?

People start having their first kissing around 12 – 15 year old. So it can be said that it is the right age of kiss.


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