Why Do Men Cheat Or Why guys Mess You Up in relationship

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Why Do Men Cheat Or Why guys Mess You Up in relationship

There is a mistakes you ladies do at times that really pains me a lot because it makes you fall for the wrong person or even put you in problem that you will forever regret, although at times ladies don’t know they are doing this mistakes, that is why I decided to write this for them to read and practice it to avoid been mess with by any guy.

Now let discuss on this topic. Why Do Men Cheat Or Why guys Mess You Up in relationship

Easily influenced by their fellow girls negatively, seriously you guys are making a lot of mistakes whenever your fellow girls advice or talk to on any issue you tell her, try to take the good part of it and not just jump into conclusion due to your friend did this or say that, you then use it as a key pillar of action, that is never a good thing to do because if it worked out for them it may not work out for you, so you should be careful  taking that friendly advice especially that one you know that can’t offer you anything good in your friendship with her.

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Move along with male friends or you try to keep male friends, I mean try to keep male friends and allow them to advice you too in some issues or at times you ask of their advice for you to know how to handle a guy you are with or for you to know when that guy is messing with you , remember for you not to be mess with by them you need to keep their friendship and use it to know that your love or partner plans over you. sometimes you also ask your male friends Why Do Men Cheat Or Why guys Mess You Up in relationship, and get their own ideas too on that for you not to make mistakes.

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Co-operate with your fellow girls, Ladies always fail this and it makes them been mess up with like for example, you can see a guy who have slept with group of girls which are friends or claim to be friends. So you see all these happen because they lack co-operation and find it hard to move along with each other, assuming you girls will co-operate with each other it will be very hard for a guy to mess up with you. At time when you girls are together try to ask each other the question Why Do Men Cheat Or Why guys Mess You Up in relationship, and hear their opinion and add it with your own.

Over trusting that your friend, I didn’t say you should not trust your friend but when I talk of over trusting, I mean taking her as if she can’t hurt you or can never take your man, you never can tell if she is falling for him so try to always make sure you are careful in your friendship or the way you trust that friend because she is always capable of doing anything.

Consider your actions before you do it. This is a general mistake girls do, they don’t always consider what they do or the actions they take at times if it will be the best for them or if they will regret it after doing it, all they do is to think straight and act straight which is never good for them because it makes them at times to be full of regret after their actions.

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Missing a better guy because of money, girls should try to look at man’s love before his wealth or money. Don’t make a mistake of missing that Mr. Right because of money, money and wealth may leave or fade out one day but that true love never dies is always there for better or for worst. So try to make sure you never miss that better man because of money or wealth if you must consider wealth try to first consider love because of your happiness before looking at money or wealth. in fact stop asking Why Do Men Cheat Or Why guys Mess You Up in relationship, if you are the type of girls that is only after money because you only meet men who just want sex or sleep with you and give you that money you need instead of meeting that one who truly love you.

Over pretending is not good. Although pretending is never a good thing but at times it is good to pretend because of your pride, dignity, respect or value but doing it too much can make you miss that man that is the right man for you because some guys may not understand and think you don’t care or love them, so instead of to keep trying they decide to let you be and due to that you may end up falling for a play boy, who is only interested to have sex with you, dupe you and dump you.

Don’t be easily blinded by love because it will make you not to know when you are making a mistake or when that guy is making a fool out of you. So try always never to be blinded in love for you to know when you are been use.            

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Try to understand when a man don’t love you and do yourself a favor by leaving that man especially when you find out he doesn’t show any concern on you. Let me tell you something if a man don’t love you don’t force yourself on him because there is a man out there who need you or love you, if you try to force yourself on him, you may end up been mess with by him and which may cause you heart break so to avoid that try to leave that man who don’t love you.

There are many ways for you girls to avoid been mess with by a man but I will stop here for now and talked about it in my next article which will be titled  Why Do Men Cheat Or Why guys Mess You Up in relationship 2 so check frequently for the next article  thanks.

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