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Why Are My Breasts Suddenly Sagging?

Why Are My Breasts Suddenly Sagging?


The reason why your breast suddenly sagged is because, there are so many things that you need to avoid, and the things you need to do, which we are here to tell you. So many has being asking this question and has not yet gotten solution.

Below are the reason why your breast suddenly sagging?


  1. Ageing.
  2. Unable to wear a supportive bra.
  3. Choice of exercise
  4. Abnormal Suckling of breast
  5. Dressing.
  6. Diet


Why do breast loose firmness?

Breast loose firmness due to some reasons which I will explain here. Try as much as possible to be attentive and understanding.



When a woman’s age is increasing, like when she is getting older, it is natural that your breast will begin to sag, and loose firmness. For example. Some women who have given birth to kids and have breast feed them, if you take time to have a closer look on them, and you can see that her breast is not as before, because it’s elasticity has started loosening, especially those ones with bigger breast. Breast sagging depends on the size of the breast and the level you are in age.


Unable to wear a supportive bra.

The kind of bra you put everyday is capable of determining the level of saggy breast you will have. There are some bras that is made with what they call push up pads, it helps in supporting breast and there are other ones that are very thick and strong, that will be able to carry the full size of your breast, not those ones that are loose. Some ladies with big breast do not understand that, they are supposed to wear a very strong bra that can carry the full size of their breast. Make sure to choose a supportive bra that will help to package your breast so that it will be firm.


Choice of exercise.

A lot of people are unable to choose the kind of exercise that suit them, those that have big breast are to choose the kind of exercise they will engage in, that will prevent them from carrying their breast up and down causing it to swinging. The type of exercise you choose will help you maintain your breast from sagging. For example, you will see a lady with big breast, she will decide to choose an exercise that will involved jumping up and down , causing the breast to be swinging up and down , it will definitely loose elasticity if care is not taking. Choose wisely.


Abnormal suckling of breast.

Yes, suckling of your breast is good, but suckling it roughly is not good. If you are to feed you partner with some breast during romance, do it appropriately, do not allow him to be squeezing it is a cloth, let him take it easy with that, do it with love not roughly. Again, for mothers, if you are feeding a baby, naturally there will be a time your breast will be sagging, maybe that time your breast has stop producing milk. So take caution on how your breast is being handled.



Some ladies were unable to understand that there are some cloths, that suit their type of breast. You will see a lady with big breast, she will wear a cloth that presses the breast so tightly that even looking at it , it will appear sagged already. Know the type of cloth to put on, and how they free your breast. Again some of our women use wrapper to tie their breast day to day. Free your breast sometimes, stop tying wrapper around your breast all the time, it sags breast especially those with big breast.



There are some food that you may eat and it will make you to gain weight and that can make your breast saggy. Eat properly, watch your weight and keep fit.


With all these, I believe you can now see that there are really ways to avoid sagging breast. And also a way to make your breast retain firmness. Again if you have something to add, feel free to drop it at the comment box so that others can also learn from it.



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