Who Plays Fat Amy And Reason For Her Weight Loss

Who Plays Fat Amy And Reason For Her Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson shared the reasons for losing weight last night at the Baftas after she revealed that “everyone” was seeking an explanation.

The Australian actor did not hold back when she hosted the EE BAFTA Film Awards 2022 on Sunday. She addressed the controversy surrounding her recent weight loss by offering the most successful comeback of all time: comedy.

The buzz surrounding this hilarious monologue in the Royal Albert Hall in London this evening comes following Rebel Wilson’s vicious comedy about prince Andrew during the annual award ceremony in 2020 was rediscovered on the internet.

“I might look a bit different from the last time you guys saw me here,” she said to the crowd last night, pointing to a red-carpet photo of herself before she shed some weight.

“Everybody’s asking me, ‘Why did you lose weight?’ Well, clearly, it was to get the attention of Robert Pattinson. Because you know what they say, once you go bat, you don’t go back.”

At this moment, Rebel made it clear that her body change was not related to romance and everything related to her professional life.

“Seriously, I did not lose weight just for a guy. As if,” the entertainer, who is 42, continued. “I did it to get more acting roles. I’m now so excited I can play the non-funny love interest in an Adam Sandler movie.”

It’s not a fact that Rebel has experienced a major physical transformation in the last few months and has shed 77lbs (35kg) since the start of her “Year of Health” starting in January 2020. The Bridesmaids star, who weighs 165lbs (74kg), has been open about her experience numerous times, revealing that she relies on walking to lose weight and has completely changed her eating habits.

In August 2020, Rebel shared a picture of her at her “worst” with a positive message to others struggling with similar problems.

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The actress has since expressed her displeasure with the Hollywood team for preventing the actress from losing fat, fearing that it could adversely affect her chances of gaining employment. Rebel gained international recognition in 2012 when she played the character Fat Amy in the comedy film Pitch Perfect after gaining recognition from casting directors through her role in the part of Brynn in Kristin Wiig’s Bridesmaids. Both characters were noted for their bigger bodies, a characteristic tied to their comedy value. With pressure growing to keep landing the same roles in the future, she remembers having to fight back against losing weight.

Rebel Wilson with her Bridesmaids co-stars Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne


“They [Rebel’s team] were like, ‘Why? Why would you want to do it?'” she said in an interview with BBC. “Because I was earning millions of dollars being the funny fat girl and being that person.”

After she’s lost weight, Rebel can see she’s being asked for a wider variety of roles.

“It has definitely diversified my stocks,” she said to her fellow journalist, the Hollywood Reporter, last week. “I found that with the British drama The Almond and the Seahorse–I’m not sure I would have been cast in that when I was a bigger girl because they kind of stereotype you a bit more when you’re bigger. But when I started as an actress I really wanted to be the next Dame Judi Dench and do really serious stuff. And so now I’m returning to that a bit, which is great, but still doing comedies that I love.”

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