Who Are Ben Stiller’s Parents?

Ben Stiller is the son of two successful actors. Jerry Stiller is best known as George Costanza in the sitcom Seinfeld. His mother Anne Meara was a successful comedian and actress.

Ben and Amy’s parents, despite being both famous, were relatively normal in their approach to raising them. Their children were instilled with strong values and they were encouraged to follow their dreams. Both Ben and Amy are now successful in the entertainment business.

Ben Stiller is the son of two successful actors. Jerry Stiller is most famous for his role in the sitcom Seinfeld. His mother Anne Meara had a successful stand-up comedy and acting career.

Who Are Ben Stiller's Parents?

What happened to Ben Stiller’s parents?

Ben Stiller’s father, Jerry, and his mother, Anne Meara were both successful entertainers. Jerry was both a comedian and an actor while Anne was a singer and actress. The two met at The Second City, New York’s improvisational theatre.

Amy, an actress as well, and Ben were born in 1954. After seventeen years of marriage, the couple divorced each other in May 1971. According to reports, the couple split amicably and remained close friends afterwards.

Anne appeared as the mother of Jerry’s character in several episodes of his sitcom The King of Queens. Jerry died in May 2015, at the age of 85. He was a victim of natural causes. Anne, who is 88 years old and still going strong, lives in Manhattan with Sadie.

Who is Ben Stiller’s mother?

Anne Meara is Ben Stiller’s mother. She was born in Brooklyn on September 20, 1929. Her father was Jewish and her mother was Irish Catholic.

Meara started her career in stand-up comedy at the beginning of the 1950s. She met Jerry Stiller in 1955 while both were performing at the same New York City club. They married in the same year and went on to be a successful comedy duo.

Meara has appeared in many television shows throughout her career, including “The Ed Sullivan Show”, “The Love Boat” and “Sex and the City”. She was also a guest star on “Seinfeld”, playing Jerry’s ex-girlfriend who broke up with him due to his being too cheap.

Who Is the Inheritance of Jerry Stiller’s Money?

Jerry Stiller’s estate was worth around $10 million when he died in 2020. Anne Meara inherited the majority of his estate. She also inherited the collection of art, memorabilia and other items that are valued at around $1 million.

Ben Stiller, his son, inherited all of the remaining estates including cash and investments.

What show was Ben Stiller’s parents in?

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara were Ben Stiller’s parents. They both worked as actors in television and movies. They are best known for their roles in the sitcom Seinfeld. Jerry played George Costanza’s father and Anne was Jerry’s grandmother.

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Ben Stiller’s Parents Still Living

Are Ben Stiller’s parents still alive? Many people have recently asked this question. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Jerry Stiller, Ben Stiller’s father, and Anne Meara his mother, died within a few months of one another in 2015. Jerry Stiller, an actor and comedian who was best known for roles in the sitcoms Seinfeld and The King of Queens, died at age 92 of natural causes.

Anne Meara, a comedian and actress who has appeared in numerous TV shows throughout her career, was also a television personality. She died at 85 years old after suffering from a stroke. Ben Stiller was one of the four children Jerry and Anne had.

David Stiller is the brother of Amy Stiller. Amy is an actress as well.

The conclusion of the article is:

Ben Stiller is the son of two well-known actors. Jerry Stiller is most famous for his role in the sitcom Seinfeld. His mother Anne Meara is an actress who has appeared in many movies and television shows.