Which City Has The Best Dating Scene?

Which City Has The Best Dating Scene?
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A survey conducted around Valentine’s Day in 2022 by Bumble and Apartment List showed Cincinnati was the best city for dating. The large city in Ohio’s dating satisfaction score was around 31%, the highest of all 85 cities on the list.

Most people go on dates to sporting events, Smale Riverfront Park, Cincinnati Art Museum, or Cincinnati Music Hall. 

This article explores the survey findings on the cities with the best dating scenes. 

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The capital of Massachusetts came in second, with just a few points behind Cincinnati. Apartment List’s 2021 report on the best cities for singles ranked Boston second too. 

It’s very easy to get around in Massachusetts’ most populous city. Its walkability makes date options practically endless. A morning stroll through the Commons, weather permitting, with that special someone is a great start to any day.


Houston scored slightly lower on dating satisfaction but sufficiently well to rank third. Most Bumble users in the city choose “Food & Drink” as their interest, which was predictable considering the delicious local fare. Popular dating spots include Finn Hall, Underground Hall, and other food courts.

Which City Has The Best Dating Scene?

San Diego

Surprisingly, there’s just one city in the Golden State in the top 10. The sunny spot is perfect for going out with a potential SO. The most popular places to go on dates are the beachside bars on Pacific Beach, Torrey Pines, and La Jolla, where you can watch seals. 

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The next Texan city on the list is Austin, scoring just under 30% on dating satisfaction. Bumble users most commonly display “Politics” and “Exercise” as their Profile Badges. Fitness fans can go on paddle boating, cycling, or even rock climbing dates, but that’s far from all. Austin is known as the world’s capital of live music. As expected, country music topped the list of genres, followed by rock and R&B. 


This Michigan city is the 6th best for dating. Daters in Detroit can watch a sports game downtown (NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA), walk around the beautiful Belle Isle Park, or enjoy spectacular views of The Guardian Building. 

Given that most Bumble users chose “Music” and “Going Out” as top interests, you’d expect music shows and concerts to attract many people looking for love. The most popular genres in the city are hip hop, rap, R&B, and jazz. The city has a lot of karaoke bars as well. 

Washington, DC

Right behind Detroit is Washington DC, with dating satisfaction of 28.51%. Home to Capitol Hill, the US capital is famous for its political and historical events. Most dating site users included “Politics” as an interest in their profiles. Another popular pastime was “Going Out.” 

In Washington DC, you can go on a date to a gallery or museum or visit one of the many concerts taking place all over town all year round. Popular destinations include the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Museum of American History. Capital One Arena features exciting musical performances. 

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San Antonio

Is Texas overrepresented because Bumble is headquartered there? It’s possible, but San Antonio is worth mentioning because locals’ interests differ from those in the other cities on this list. They emphasize “Values & Traits” and “Creativity.” 

Bumble users who ranked “Values & Traits” among their interests on their profiles place focus on positivity, being ambitious, and being family-oriented. This city could be the right place if you want to start dating more seriously. 

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