Where Was Virgin River Filmed And Is Virgin River A Real Place

Where Was Virgin River Filmed
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It’s easy to be confused about where Virgin River was filmed after being lost in the beautiful scenes of landscapes that are what make this Netflix show so memorable.

It could seem like the other day it was that Virgin River seasons 4 and 5 were announced; however, by now, many devoted fans are likely to have been binge-watching the fourth season and are anticipating Virgin River season 5. With so many big questions being answered, such as who did shoot Jack and did Brady suffer death during Virgin River, season 5 is expected to be equally exciting. If there’s one thing that keeps us grounded in this world, Virgin River, it’s the town that is itself, with its magnificent landscape of the lake and forest.

But where exactly is Virgin River filmed? Is it identical to the original book and its settings? Is there an actual Virgin River? We will reveal the details you should know about where the showrunners took those fantastic images…

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Where was Virgin River filmed?

Alongside the standard Virgin River characters, we’ve come to love and recognize since the show’s debut premiered in 2019, The town that is Virgin River itself is key to the show’s sense of community. Similar to the locations where Sherwood was shot and where The Bay was filmed, there’s a distinct sensation of drama and excitement evoked by the breathtaking Virgin River filming locations. They might also be familiar to people who’ve seen everything from the X-Files to Once Upon A Time over the decades.

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Similar to these dramatics Virgin River is filmed in Vancouver and British Columbia in Canada, and according to Conde, Nast TravellerThere’s a variety of locations within the region that served as crucial locations that were used in the fictional city. They say that the establishing scenes from Virgin River were filmed over “small-town scenes in the region”, including Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz, apparently as the location was chosen for the first image in Virgin River’s Welcome to Virgin River sign.

The beauty of nature’s Canadian landscape was different from Snug Cove in British Columbia. It is also believed to be a Virgin River filming location.

The picturesque lakeside cottage is believed to be accurate on Vancouver’s North Shore. It was built in the 1950s at Murdo Frazer Park. It is thought to be the real-life residence of the caretaker.

The South East from Vancouver, located in New Westminster, is reportedly the area where Virgin River was filmed for Doc’s clinic, an estate known as Breezehurst, which was built in 1889. Other locations that are believed that were used in the filming of Virgin River are Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, and Squamish.

Conde Nast Traveller reports that the Watershed Grill in Brackendale overlooking the Squamish River is the site of the fictional Jack’s Bar operated by Jack Sheridan.

If you’re unable to take enough of the dramatic waterfall shots of the Virgin River might be interested to learn this: Shannon Falls Provincial Park is believed to have been the scene for the show. Its water flows out of more than 1,100 feet and over 1,100 feet. It’s no wonder it is a significant draw on the show!

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The location where is Virgin River set?

While many of the fans may have wondered where Virgin River was filmed after being lost in the gorgeous scenes of the long-running drama, they could be surprised by the answer. As with many of the top book-to-TV adaptations and most successful book-to-movie adaptations, Virgin River isn’t shot in the same area where the Robyn Carr book and show are situated. Like Firefly Lane, which is filmed in Canada, it is located in the US. The Virgin River books and display are located in the remote region of Northern California.

In an interview with the Smashing Interviews, Virgin River cast actor Tim Matheson (who plays Vernon “Doc” Mullins) previously mentioned Virgin River as a town. Virgin River as being amongst the “redwoods” that are common in the area in the US.

“Virgin Rivers is the name of a town in Humboldt County up in the Redwoods. It’s a stunning beauty,” he explained at the time. The region’s geography is also a part of the show, as are the stunning waterfalls and lakes to add to the splendor of the Virgin River setting.

Is there a genuine Virgin River?

For those looking for a real-world source of inspiration for the Virgin River town series, this is a fictional area. The town of Virgin River exists in Northern California. Although there is the Virgin River that’s a tributary of the Colorado River that runs through Utah, Nevada, and Arizona, there is no connection with the Netflix show.

Robyn Carr, the author of the books upon which the Virgin River show is based, has previously talked about how the picturesque town exists only in the “hearts and minds” of the fans.

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In her interview with EW, She shared, “People often write to ask, “Where is it? I want to go there,” and I need to remind people that it’s only within our hearts and minds. However, to enhance that notion, it is possible to feel a sense of community within our own neighborhood, school or church or community center, or even a library.”

Robyn then reflected that her characters don’t come “without their flaws”, and we can work to build a sense of community in our lives.

“All we need to do is make it. We make it happen by being kind neighbors and positive people and friends. There are flaws, however,” she explained. “Poor Jack, the most well-known character in the series and the main character of the show, often gets in trouble due to his naiveté and in-between and thinking that it’s his job to direct traffic constantly. However, at the end of their day, the two support one another. What a great idea.”

Although Virgin River might not be an actual location in the vast redwoods that cover Northern California, that hasn’t kept viewers from all over the world from being enticed by the imaginary town and its inhabitants. With Virgin River season 5 already being confirmed, fans can rest knowing that the upcoming season won’t be the last time we’ll see these stunning places.

Virgin River seasons 1-4 are now available on Netflix.

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