Where Is Hunter Moore Now?

Where Is Hunter Moore Now? | What Happened And All You Need To Know

Hunter Moore is a notorious public figure, his sinister startup site and life were put in the spotlight with the help of a new Netflix documentary, The Most Hateful Man, online on the Internet. After the viewers sat through the films Don’t Fuck With Cats and the Tinder Swindler, which give an insight into the tangled web of online activities, It’s not a surprise that searches for Hunter Moore and his former website, IsAnyoneUp.com, are sky-high.

This Netflix series, made up of three parts, features interviews with victims that Moore took advantage of and abused. The story primarily focuses on Charlotte Laws, the mother of one of the victims who worked tirelessly to get Moore before the law. Moore was sentenced to some time in prison. However, he was released in the year 2017. Where is Hunter Moore now? What did Hunter Moore do?

What is Hunter Moore now?

Hunter Moore was released from prison in 2017, and he has been away from the spotlight since that time. However, he has been working on several notable projects in the last decade. In 2017, Hunter released a single called Make The Great Internet Again according to Substream (opens in a new tab). Moore also published a book titled “Hunter Moore Returns” by Substream Magazine. Is anyone up? That was released in 2018.

Hunter Moore now keeps a low profile in terms of social media presence. Moore is removed from Facebook and, later on, Instagram; however, until recently, he’s maintained a presence on Twitter using the handle @_iamhuntermoore. On Twitter, Moore states in the bio that he is a small-town Christan Christian boy’. Moore’s account, however, has recently been removed.

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When his account was suspended, he tweeted how he’s now living his life “peacefully.”

He wrote, “Look you guys, I spent my time in jail. Now, I live my life happily. I’ve been thinking for a long time over what transpired. Some of you are fond of me, but most dislike me. If you’d like me to apologize, then I won’t. I’m not responsible for anything.”

What did Hunter Moore do?

Moore developed the sickening site IsAnyoneUp.com which is among the first examples of a website that is revenge porn. Hunter, who was only 26 when the site was first launched, rose to prominence when he created the website in the early 2010s. As per Rolling Stone (opens new tab a new tab), the site posted anywhere from five to 30 photos every day uploaded to the site’s porn page over the 16 months that the site was in operation.

The website, launched in 2010, allowed users to upload explicit pictures of individuals online without their permission and personal data like addresses and names. As per Rolling Stone (which opens the site in a new tab), the information added to the images was “The name of the ex’s complete name, job title, social-media profile, and city of residence and images would show up in Google,” meaning family members, as well as colleagues and friends, were able to find the information quickly.

Moore was, in all likelihood, a massive self-centered narcissist who showed no remorse for all his actions and a false perception of his size. An example of this is in 2011, on Anderson Cooper’s CNN chat show (opens in a new tab) in which he claims to victims who claim that what happened was their fault because they let the photos be taken as a disgusting display of public gaslighting. He boasted that he’s a “professional life-saver” and compared himself with Charles Manson, thanks to his legion of “followers.”

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Have you heard that Hunter Moore go to prison for his crime?

Sure, Moore was put in prison at the end of 2017 and sentenced to two years, and six months because of his crimes, following the conclusion of an FBI investigation. According to the mother of one of the victims, Charlotte Laws, this only occurred because of the involvement of a hacker.

In an interview with the Guardian (opens the newspaper in a new tab), Charlotte revealed how she was dismissed from the authorities, FBI, and FBI. They would only take her seriously when they had evidence of hacking. “If the hacker had not been involved, the site would not have not need to investigate and the website would not be online. Because of that incident, they took the matter very seriously.” the woman said.

After receiving support from The FBI, Laws helped build an evidence-based defense against Moore. In February of 2015, Moore was found guilty of criminal charges of an aggravated case of identity theft and aiding and abetting unauthorized access to a computer.

When he was sentenced, US district judge Dolly Gee stated, “He hid behind his online identity and was involved in a shady conduct. Now , you have to face and pay for your actions. Your poor judgment has brought lots of pain for your family members and victims.”

Did Hunter Moore involve in the Netflix documentary?

It was initially confirmed, but the man resisted involvement due to undetermined reasons.

On Netflix’s Tulum site (which opens in a new tab), The brand has revealed that he signed up to be a part of the show, but there’s no indication of what made him decide against it later.

What did Hunter Moore’s site do, IsAnybodyUp.com?

IsAnyoneUp.com has been shut down since April 2012, and Hunter Moore sold its domain name to James McGibney. McGibney then transferred the domain to the anti-bullying organization Bullyville.com. The site offered victims of bullying the opportunity to share their stories and frightening experiences. The site is now redirecting to McGibney’s website.

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After purchasing the website, McGibney penned a personal letter to Moore in which it is written (opens on a new page), “Sometimes you need to be a bully to defeat a bully. I’ll be one of the few to acknowledge that I’ve intimidated the ever-loving s**t out of you.

“Your primary goal was to destroy the lives of girls. When they said they would commit suicide if their illegal naked photos weren’t taken off your website, You made fun of them.

“Are your still laughing at the moment? You attempted to ruin their lives however, I ruined mine intellectually. You were taught the technique of engineering social.”

What was the reason Hunter Moore started IsAnybodyUp?

As per Rolling Stone, the idea behind IsAnybodyUp came about through a “lucky chance.” The magazine said that the concept behind the depraved site came from Hunter’s personal experiences.

“How it began was that there was a sex session with a girlfriend who was married to a certain kind of semi-famous guy from the band My acquaintances wanted to meet her naked because she was so adorable,” Moore explained to Rolling Stone.

Hunter tried to forward these photos to his acquaintances, however, with no success, says Rolling Stone. Hunter realized the possibility of posting them on an inactive domain that Hunter had previously bought, probably to promote parties.

The site grew, and his friends submitted their photos as well. The numbers grew, and the location could handle more than 14,000 visitors within a week. “And I was thinking, “Holy shit! I could earn money from it.” The magazine asked him about it.

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