Where Do Guys Like To Being Kissed

Where Do Guys Like To Being Kissed

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Are you looking for a formula to use in spicing your relationship on ‘Where Do Guys Like To Being Kissed’ and also a sexual life with your partner.

We bring to you today the extra things that kissing can do in your relationship and how much it can spicy it to the best taste ever.


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Kissing your man in a relationship, is not always the ultimate but knowing exactly where to kiss him and when to go. There are some parts that gives more positive hints to your man when you kiss them and there are some places that doesn’t contribute at all. 

First, foreplay is always the first and the important step to follow while trying to achieve this goal.

While doing foreplay, always remember where and how to use every tool you are making use of. Like your tongue or your hands.


Where Do Guys Like To Being Kissed


  • The lips, especially the lower one.

The lips has the lower and the upper one sides, but there’s is the one that is more effective when it comes to kissing. Do not just focus on the upper lips, instead work more on the lower one so that your goals shall be achieved. guys likes to be kissed on the lips and they don’t want one to be left aside.

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The lower lips is more erogenous than the upper one, so do not ignore that. You should also understand, that it is not advisable to put all your mouth inside your partner’s, because it may be suffocating at times.

Sometimes you need to take it slow and steady, a kind of teasing him with your tongue and giving him a bit space to breath too. Just understand every unspoken movement from your mind so that you can know when to adjust.


  • The neck and jaw, then back to the lips.

Do not be too focused on the lips while forgetting the neck and jawline. His neck is another sensitive areas that will give him a big pleasure he needs.

Guys likes to be kissed on their neck and jawline. Do while you slightly and romantically kissed his neck, move slowly to his jawline with your tongue. It keeps him so high that he will be moaning for more, then move back to his lips. Just as women like to be teased, guys also like to be teased too.

Where Do Guys Like To Being Kissed

  • Do not forget his ear lube.

His ears is also one place that a guy likes to be kissed. It also sensitive and nice to get kissed. Your guy likes it when you don’t leave his ears untouched. So while running your hands all over him, you shouldn’t forget his ears too. 


  • Run your tongue through his hair

Incase you are forgetting this, wake up now because your tongue can go a long way when used properly.

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Run your tongue through his hairs and also keep your hands busy too. Guys also like their hairs to be kissed for it’s a kind of teasing and it also makes them long for more.


  • Slightly suck his nipples.

This one is also one of the sensitive part guys likes being kissed. You can slightly suck his nipples or you can lick it as well. It’s a way of teasing and spicing your relationship.

Sucking his nipples will definitely awaken his inner urges and he will be more teased and love everything about your sexual knowledge. Just because a guy’s nipples is smaller than that of a girl doesn’t mean that it’s aren’t sensitive.


  • His inner thighs.

Try to lick and kiss his inner thighs, for he likes it. Just as the women likes their inner thighs to be touched, guys also likes that because it tease them up in a magnificent way. Do not ignore his thighs while kissing and turning your man on.


  • Touch his groin area after teasing him.

His groin area should not be ignored, but you should also remember to avoid touching or licking it at the beginning of the movement, because if you do so, your man will always expect you to be doing so and it will not be a kind of teasing him.

For the arousal to be steady and ever wanted, you should try to avoid it at the beginning so as to keep him wanting you for more.


Can kissing make a guy wet


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Yes, kissing can make a guy hard and wanting for more only when you do the kissing in a right process and manner.

There’s a type of kissing you may give to a man that may decrease his motive for wanting more and there’s one you can give and keep him wanting for more.

So all you need to know is to follow those places listed above for it’s the most important places guys like to be kissed.



Kissing appropriately and following the terms in kissing can go a long way while trying to spicy your relationship. 

We believe that we are able to guild you through, we wish you luck and a successful relationship.


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