When Do Girls Want To Have Sex

When Do Girls Want To Have Sex

Sex can be done at any time, and can also be enjoyed at any time but there’s a time when girls want to have sex with their boyfriend or their partner.
Below are the period that girls will love to have sex mostly vwith their man.

When Do Girls Want To Have Sex

  • When they are sexually aroused.

When a girl is sexually aroused, and you noticed that through her movement, this is a good sign that she wants to have sex at that time. Her breathing and movement will automatically gives you the insight of what she’s saying.

  • On her special occasion like Valentine’s day or birthday.

It’s assumed that everyone is happy and enjoying the beautiful occasion, and you being her boyfriend, she may be expecting you to handle her passionately that moment. Girls likes it when you make love to them on a special occasion.

  • After they must have seen a sex scene from their favourite actor or actress.

Girls want to have sex with you after they must have seen a brief sex scene from their favorite actor or actress. Her mood will change and a feeling or arousal will envelop her. At that moment she wants you around her.

  • When they heard about erotic stories.

Girls will also want to have sex after hearing an erotic stories, or reading some erotic magazines it newspaper. Such period is a perfect moment for them to have sex because everything is set. The mood has been activated.

  • When they are hurt and you are consoling them with a hug.
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If a girl is very hurt by you or other person and you consoled her emotionally and it happens that you both have feelings for each other. She will like to have sex with you at that moment. Majority does that. Just let her be the one to initiate that and do don’t take that as an advantage, just be sure it’s what she wanted especially if she’s suffering from heart break.

When Do Girls Want To Have Sex

How do I know if my girlfriend want to have sex

  • If She twists herself in your arms.

If you notice her cuddling you and rapping herself in your arms. This shows that she definitely wants to have sex.

  • If She starts romancing you.

Is she starts romancing you at any moment when you both are together, it’s a sign that she needs you.

  • See if She want you alone with her.

See if she wants you to be alone in a room with her. If that’s happens, it only means that she needs to feel you inside if her. Maybe she’s not comfortable staying outside due to distractions.

  • She will try to sleep over at night if you.

See if she want to sleep over at night with you. Your girlfriend may be a shy type and may not be able to tell you what she feels. So she may decide to come over at night to sleep over.

  • Monitor her words and know if it’s more of sexual.

Her words will change and she speaks more of naughty words to you. She talks sexual and freely with you. Just know that she’s indirectly calling out for you.

  • She will be the one to initiate the process.
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She will initiate the act by touching and holding your hands so tight and kissing them.

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