Why do men cheat on a pregnant woman

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When a woman is pregnant

Honestly the truth is that any man who cheats on you when you are pregnant is a wicked man and that also show that the man has been cheating on you since the beginning even before you become pregnant, because that you are pregnant don’t mean that he will cheat on you and for me to answer your question why do men cheat on a pregnant woman, the answer is according to some men I question, the reason they gave me was.

He will not enjoy sex

By this he mean is that when a woman is pregnant that he will not be able to enjoy sex with her just as the way he use to do and he can’t be able to endure and wait for those months, so that the woman will be strong again for them to continue having sex and due to that he look for where to satisfy his self during that time of her wife pregnancy. To me is a stupid reason for him to give as an excuse for cheating on her pregnant wife because a man is the one who got a woman pregnant, and that mean that they are into that together, so please if you are a man don’t cheat on your wife especially during her pregnancy, instead use that time to show her the best love and care, for during that time is when your woman need you most to encourage her and give her more strength to carry your baby.

The woman can’t monitor him

A man give me this as a reason why he love to cheat on his wife, when she is pregnant, he said that during that time of her pregnancy she won’t be able to be strong to monitor or think on what he do, so that is why he take it as a best time to cheat on his wife. This is not good of you as a man because if you are now taking that time as an advantage of cheating on your wife, have you forgetting that she carries your baby, what if something bad now happen due to you are not around, how will your heart feel?

Nagging and disturbing

Yes I agree that women nag a lot during pregnancy but remember that is due to the kicks and disturbance of the baby she is carrying in her womb. Remember that the baby she is carrying is also your baby, try to endure and make her feel strong and happy than leaving her all alone and going out with another woman due to her nagging.

Please women don bother or kill yourself why do men cheat on the pregnant woman for it is not your fault,because some men even beat their wife when she is pregnant and most of them don’t know what they are doing so please leave any marriage that don’t favor you

I was arguing with a friend long time ago when he was saying that he beats his wife. And also beat her when she is pregnant. I was surprise when I heard this and ask myself, Why did he beat his wife? And why must he beat her when she is pregnant? So there is a special way to beat a woman when she is pregnant? These and many other questions are going through my mind every day when I remember that argument, so I decided to write about it for us all to talk about it, I know that many questions too is going through your mind too, well let us talk about it.

Now let look at it this way, what kind of man will dare lay his finger on a woman to beat her talk more of pregnant woman? When I asked him that question during that time we were arguing, he was saying that women act stupid at times and many other reasons he was giving me, but when I look at his reasons I laugh and call him a fool because all these reasons are not enough for man to use and beat his woman, in fact there is no reason enough for you as a man to beat your woman. There are many ways to cushion or treat her, when she do something wrong to you or treat you bad, which are very far better than beating her.

Now another question I ask him was this how then did you beat her?  When I asked him this, he was busy saying flog her on her legs, flog her on her hand and many other rubbish he was saying which I can’t even think of saying not to talk of saying it. Why on earth will you flog her when she is carrying a child in her, do you think that she is not in pains already due to that child, what are you even thinking as a man that will dare to lay your finger on your woman, do you know how many men out there she turned down every day just to be with you. Why will you try to lay your hand on her after all these she went through just to be with you or has she done bad thing loving you.

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pregnant woman

A man’s duty is to protect his wife and not to beat her, when she is pregnant, you are expected to make her happy, adore her, encourage her to be strong, make her feel safe and not hurting, beating and making her cry always as if it is a mistake loving you or been with you is a crime. No matter what a woman do she deserve to be loved and show concern and not hate, if you are among those that hurt your woman or beat her please stop and change and try  to make her happy because she deserve to be happy no matter what she do, in my next article I will tell you things to do when she hurt you or do something you don’t like, because there are many ways to treat her or to behave when she do something wrong to you that will make her understand and love you more than beating her.

Take your time now to love her and treat her well especially when she is with a child , bear in mind that she will not be strong as she use to be when she is not with a child in her womb and try to help her do some things or work at home, remember that women nag in some issues, so expect her to nag more now that is carrying a baby and understand that she don’t purposely do that and never complain or try to argue with her on that, I have come to understand that when a woman is carrying a baby in her womb that most of the things she do is out of the kicks and disturbance of a baby in her womb and if you don’t try to understand it you may end up hurting her or doing something to her that you will regret, so learn now to tolerate her more now that she is pregnant

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