What To Write In A Birthday Card

What To Write In A Birthday Card for a friend

What to write in a birthday card for a friend is something I will listen for you in this article. So if you are having trouble, thinking and looking for what you can write on a birthday card. Then cool your mind because you are in the right place with up to 100 things you can write to the person.

Celebrating the birthdays of our loved ones is such a good idea, but giving them a birthday card on their birthdays is lovely, but sometimes we don’t actually know what to write in the card to show how happy we are for them or our wishes towards them. If you are in a state of I don’t know what to write in a birthday card for a friend, don’t worry, these are 100 wonderful things to write in a birthday card.

What To Write In A Birthday Card for a friend

  1. Sweet moments in life, dearie.
  2. Happy years ahead.
  3. Longlive! My queen.
  4. More grace to fulfill destiny.
  5. Lots of love from me to you.
  6. Thank God for the gift of life.
  7. Many more years. Love you.
  8. I’m happy for you.
  9. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday.
  10. Wish you the best of life. Smiles.
  11. You are a blessing. Happy birthday!
  12. Your life is a true description of love. Happy birthday.
  13. Happy birthday sweetie.
  14. You are my inspiration, darling.
  15. Live longer, my hero!
  16. Your impact is immesurable. Happy birthday.
  17. You are great, long live the legend.
  18. The world needs you. Happy birthday.
  19. More addition of blessings to you.
  20. More grace for greater heights, sir.
  21. You are indeed a special being. Love you more.
  22. Every living creature is blessed to have you.
  23. May God preserve you, I still need you.
  24. More happy years to you.
  25. Your life is a typical example of humility.
  26. God bless you this day.
  27. I’m happy you are alive. Happy birthday dear.
  28. Many more countless years. Kisses.
  29. God bless the day you were born.
  30. You are my strength. Love you.
  31. Live longer my friend.
  32. You are the best! Happy birthday.
  33. May God bless you ten times the number of your years.
  34. Your existence is joy to heaven.
  35. Happy birthday! Honey.
  36. Your birth is a gift to humanity.
  37. May you live long to bless more.
  38. More strength, more courage. Happy birthday.
  39. Greater future ahead.
  40. You are wonderfully and fearfully made.
  41. To write on this card is not enough for me to use and celebrate you. Because you are more than itĀ  but from heart now I also wish you a long life and prosperity.
  42. Another year again. Happy for you.
  43. Thesky is your starting point.
  44. Your life is a motivator. Happy birthday!
  45. Be happy! You deserve it.
  46. You are wonderful.
  47. Has anyone told you, you are the best?
  48. Wish you longevity, sweetheart.
  49. Love you forever! Happy birthday.
  50. Laugh out loud! It’s your turn.
  51. Get older, get stronger.
  52. Happiness all the way!
  53. No dull moments! Laughter.
  54. Age more! Excel more!
  55. Long live! Your excellency!
  56. Best of wishes, my love.
  57. More candles to light for years ahead.
  58. I celebrate your birth. Happy birthday.
  59. The future is bright. Happy birthday.
  60. What lies ahead is greater. Enjoy your day.
  61. More wisdom to excel. Happy birthday.
  62. More unction to function, sir.
  63. You are amazing, dear.
  64. I’m the happiest you will live long.
  65. Your life has being a blessing.
  66. Addition of blessings to you.
  67. May you live long to bless more.
  68. You are gifted. Happy birthday.
  69. Happy moments! Handsome.
  70. Happy birthday! Dearest.
  71. Hurray! Welcome to another stage of life.
  72. I am blessed to have you.
  73. SpecialĀ  kiss to a special person.
  74. Wishing you long life. Happy birthday.
  75. God bless the womb that bore you.
  76. Moreexploits in life. Happy birthday.
  77. You shall eat the fruit of your labour.
  78. Sweet songs of joy.
  79. Have fun, it’s your day.
  80. Moments of joy to you.
  81. Greater achievement ahead!
  82. Happy birthday, sweet.
  83. Keep dancing! keep living!
  84. Altitude to reach your goals.
  85. Wishing you fortitude for excellence.
  86. I celebrate with you.
  87. I will watch you grow old.
  88. Make your wish, baby.
  89. Look into the sky, the stars are smiling at you.
  90. The birds are singing, happy birthday to you.
  91. You look younger when you smile. Age more!
  92. Your years are blessed. Happy birthday!
  93. You have brought me so much joy.
  94. Live and let’s live. Happy birthday.
  95. Sweets are sweet. Lick the sweets and be sweet.
  96. No matter how bad things may be or change,it will never stop me from celebrating you. Happy birthday!
  97. Wow! It’s a wonderful day!
  98. Am so happy you made it.
  99. Congratulations for the journey of another year!
  100. Loving you always is the best thing in my life.
  101. Today is a happy day and blessed day, because a gentle and caring soul was born to us. Long live dear.
  102. My heart will never be at peace and happy if I don’t deliver this card to you. Because you deserve to be celebrated not today but always.
  103. Celebrating your day with you is something I will never forget or miss out. Because you are the best for me.
  104. Ever since I know you and live with you my life keep getting better. May you live longer.
  105. Wishing you more happiness and all the good wishes of life. Happy birthday.
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All these above are what to write in a birthday card for a friend and I hope you found the one that suits you for you to send to that special person.

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