What To Wear On A First Date

What To Wear On A First Date

People always anxiously expect the moment when they will meet each other and spend an evening together. Everybody wants to look superb to impress another one at first sight. 

In case you can hardly combine clothes from your wardrobe to create an outstanding outfit, this post will save your life. Scroll down below and find some top outfits to wear on a first date. 

Top-3 Outfits for Men

In most cases, men experience a lot of problems picking clothes to wear on a first date. They like wearing jeans with hoodies or tees. However, using these clothes isn’t the best way to get dressed on a first date. Down below, you’ll find the best outfits that will make you look attractive as a man.

Classic Shirt + Jeans

There is nothing better than a classic style. However, if you wear a suit with a cylinder hat, a girl will likely run off you simultaneously. Thereupon, don’t be shy of using the enhanced version of a classic outfit. The shirt should have a neutral and calm color. Also, you need to wear regular fit jeans. This look perfectly combines with loafers. 

Polo + Chinos

Even though polo is a t-shirt, it has an entirely different design. It’s a perfect pick if the weather outside is scorching. It shouldn’t be produced by a famous brand. However, it definitely should be clean and ironed. 


A polo tee utterly unites with chinos. If you want your look to be fantastic, a polo tee should be light. Controversy, chinos, should have a dark color. White classy sneakers will also benefit your outfit. 

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Sweatshirt + Jeans

In case there is a sweater-weather outside, you have to wear something warm. Feel free to get a plain sweatshirt. Supplement your outfit with jeans and leather boots. 


It’s a perfect outfit for students. If you’re an undergraduate, don’t forget to get speedypaper.com help to delegate your assignments. As a result, a deadline to pass your papers won’t distract you on your first date. 

Top-3 Outfits for Women

Being a woman, you may also have a lot of problems picking the best outfit for a first date. If you have already tried all your clothes on and don’t know what to wear, scroll down below. There, you will be able to choose one of the top outfits for a first date. 

Elegant Dress + Hills

Let’s start with the classic feminine look. A dress should be light and have a medium length. Frankly, there are no strict requirements so that you can choose a dress of any shape. It shouldn’t be sparkling and bright. Stick to pastel colors like pink, purple, and beige. 


Supplement your outfit with a sophisticated pair of shoes. The best pick will be light-colored hills. 

Trendy Blouse + Skirt

If you want to look romantic, feel free to wear a blouse with a skirt. The blouse should be made of nice to feel fabric. Choose the color according to the part of the day. For instance, having a date on lunch, pick a calm color for your blouse. Vice versa, in the evening, a dark color is the best choice. 


Any shape and color of a fashionable skirt will suit your outfit. However, avoid brute leather skirts. 

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Light Sweater + Jeans

A light sweater with jeans will be the best solution if the weather isn’t pleasant. It is a simple and stylish outfit that can be used for everyday activities as well. 


It’s an excellent outfit for students who don’t have enough time to change their clothes due to tight schedules. Hopefully, there are a lot of paper help services that free students’ schedules.


Don’t be shy about amplifying your look with skinny jeans and dark color court shoes. 

Style Mistakes To Avoid

Sometimes, one mistake can spoil the entire look. Therefore, it’s vital to know the most widespread mistakes that you should avoid in your outfit. Try not to stress out your look by adding too many accessories.


If you’re a girl, try not to apply too much makeup. It shouldn’t be very sparkling and bright, not to distract the attention of your partner. Remember, you have to find a perfect balance, applying makeup. It should improve your natural beauty, but not replace it.


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