What to wear on a first date to avoid mistake

What to wear on a first date

“What to wear on a first date” it is important for you to understand what and how to dress on a first date to look more beautiful. In this article we talked about it and how you can dress on first date but if you don’t know or have clothes to wear kindly check gothic-t-shirts because they can also be thy best to put on for a date.

Here are the tips on how to dress on a first date.

  1. Dress neat:


No matter the level of cloth you put on make sure that it’s neat, your cloth may worth nothing but the way you appear and how neat you look on eat will make it worth million. When your dress is neat you will never find it difficult to stay in the midst of people, you will not like to hide yourself.


  1. Comfortable dress:


Always make sure that what you put is good and you are comfortable with it. Do not be those type that wear cloth because others is wearing it without minding if they are comfortable in it. Be comfortable in whatever you are putting on. Remember whenever you are comfortable on what you wear you will always be free to stand when there is need to, even to leave immediately you noticed that the place you are is not conducive for you anymore.

“What to wear on a first date”

What to wear on a first date
What to wear on a first date
  1. Dress decent :


Always remember that first impression matters, so dress properly and decent so that you will be categorize as a good girl at least. Your dressing can paint you bad or good depending on how good or how bad you dressed. Note: everybody likes to mingle with decent people not those ones that are arrogant.


  1. Dress attractively :


Dressing attractively does not mean that you will be naked or irresponsible. If you are a girl, there are some dresses that can bring out the real you, give you real beauty and real woman in you, it will not be too exposed but it will give you additional beauty, don’t dress as if you are going to the church unless you are meeting a Rev. Father. When you look attractive even if you are not what he or she expected, he will automatically got attracted to you immediately. That is the secret of LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

What to wear on a first date
What to wear on a first date
  1. Dress simple:


For example you know that you are not wearing trouser or short skirts or long skirt even gown  or shorts ,but due to you want to please that guy or girl you will go and wear it, then after that first date he will never see you wear that again. You might meet someone that does not like that one but due to you want fake your life style , you will then end up losing him or her. Dress the way you are known to dress so that people will not abuse you then making you to feel ashamed of yourself, and thereby causing you not to concentrate in examining the person you are meeting.


  1. Dress corporate :


Dressing corporate does not mean that you will start to look for expensive shoes, bags and jewelries that will match to whatever you are putting on, but that little you are putting on, let it be at least closer to what you are wearing. Check the outfit and the color so as to know if it’s still together with other, not off in every angle.