What To Expect After Taking I-Pill Or Unwanted 72? Find Out Now

What To Expect After Taking I-Pill Or Unwanted 72?
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Naturally, both were worried about the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy. A friend’s suggestion, Sara took an I-Pill the next day. However, she’s not sure what she can anticipate. There are plenty of concerns in her head. Do you have any doubts as well? This article will provide you with a brief overview of what you can expect to experience after taking an emergency contraceptive pill, such as I-Pill or Unwanted72.

How do emergency contraceptive pills work?

Contraceptives for emergencies like I-Pill as well as the Unwanted72 also known as morning-after pills contain synthetic hormones which slow the ovulation process. If ovulation is already occurring before taking the pills, they disrupt the fertilization of the egg through the sperm.

Do I need to bleed?

Yes, you’ll bleed when you take the emergency contraceptive pill however, the bleeding will take a while to start immediately. There may be a spotting sensation or withdrawal bleeding in the first 5 days after you have taken the pill.

What To Expect After Taking I-Pill Or Unwanted 72?

What do you think of the periods? Do they appear immediately or are delayed?

It’s dependent on what level of the cycle you’re in at the time you started taking the pill. If you take it after you’ve ovulated and ovulated, you could start your period within one week.

If you decide to take the pill shortly after your period has ended it could take 3 to four weeks for the bleeding to start. I-Pill or Unwanted72 can alter the menstrual cycle. In rare instances, bleeding can be delayed by as much as seven days after the day of your last period. Although this is highly unusual and taking a prenatal check is recommended if the timing of your menstrual cycle is unusually delayed.

Can you get pregnant even after taking an emergency contraceptive?

As with all contraceptive measures the emergency contraceptive pills aren’t 100% effective. Even if taken within the first 24-hour period they come with an efficiency rate of between 87 and 90 per cent. After 72 hours of taking the pills, the effectiveness drops down to between 72-87 per cent.

The later you start taking pills, the lesser your chances of stopping a pregnancy. Furthermore, if your egg is fertilized when you start taking the pill, it could not work for any reason, since its purpose is to stop the birth and not cause a loss of a baby.

I had taken Unwanted after three hours of sex. can I continue to have sex that isn’t protected in the following 72 hours?

Contraceptives for emergency use such as Unwanted 72 or I-Pill will only work after the sexual encounter. This means that having unprotected sexual contact within 72 hours after taking the pill does not mean you are completely safe from the possibility of becoming pregnant. If you do experience unprotected sex during this time then you must take a second pill to avoid becoming pregnant. Or better, use a condom.

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What is the time it will take for my menstrual cycles to be regular?

Your menstrual cycle will begin to normalize within a month. But, the pill could affect your menstrual cycles so the day of your first period may be calculated based on the day you experienced withdrawal bleeding and not the date of your last menstrual cycle (LMP).

What are the possible side negative effects of emergency contraceptives?

There aren’t any serious long-term negative effects when you take the emergency contraceptive pill only as an emergency and only rarely. But, the majority of women suffer from some minor side effects including:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Backache
  • Soreness in the breasts and thighs
  • Nausea
  • headaches
  • In rare instances, it may cause vomiting and loss of movement.

Unwanted 72 Side Effects On Periods

What are the conditions under which I will be taking I-Pills, or unwanted 72?

If you’ve experienced sexual assault that wasn’t protected (consensual or not) it is imperative to get an emergency contraceptive pill as soon as you can. Furthermore being the case, taking the pill is advised if:

  • The condom that you or your partner were making use of ruptured during an intercourse
  • You didn’t utilize your primary protection properly
  • You’ve missed more than three doses of your birth control pill.
  • You may suspect that your contraceptive injection or implant might not be efficient
  • Your partner did not withdraw at the time.

On the other hand, this pill should be avoided if:

  • You may suspect or know that you’re expecting
  • Are you allergic to one ingredient in the medication
  • Are you advised against taking hormone-based medicines in the past?
  • Are taking medicines that may react with the components of the morning-after-pill? This includes medications for tuberculosis, asthma, HIV, and epilepsy and antibiotics like Rifabutin and rifampicin.
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Remember that the I-Pill, also known as Unwanted 72 is not the only contraceptive technique. If you are sexually active, talk to your OB/GYN regarding contraceptive options. Condoms are widely considered to be the best choice since they do not just reduce the chance of unwanted pregnancies, but also protect against sexually transmitted diseases and infections.


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