What to do when you make a big mistake in a relationship

What to do when you make a big mistake in a relationship

In a relationship, nobody is perfect, we all do make mistakes, but the ability to accept your mistakes and take the responsibility of it is what keeps the relationship healthy and happy. Because in every relationship, there must be a problem of one thing or the other, but what makes it a good relationship is the forgiveness and understanding that is there. Now to answer the question. “What to do when you make a big mistake in a relationship.”


What to do when you make a big mistake in a relationship


  1. Have a rethink of the relationship.

First of all, think about the whole relationship and ask yourself what you want in the relationship. Relax your mind and know if you are the cause of the problem, or the relationship itself. Why I said so is this, if indeed you are the problem, then you can move on to know what to do and make your partner forgive you.

But it is the relationship itself that is the problem then it is a waste of time looking for what to do because there may be another problem.


  1. Ask for forgiveness.

Since you are the cause of the mistake in your relationship, then go to your partner and ask for forgiveness and don’t expect him or her to forgive you easily or immediately, but instead, you try to prove it to him or her that you are genuinely sorry.

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  1. Avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Since you are genuinely sorry for your actions, then try to make amends of your mistakes, and try not to repeat it. Repeating the same mistakes shows that you are purposely doing that, and that will affect only disorganized your relationship.


  1. Avoid pride.

You shouldn’t wait for your partner to apologize to you because he or she is the cause of the problem.

This issue is called pride. The reason is that sometimes you may think that she or he is the cause of the problem, but in other ways around you will realize that you are the cause of those problems. You know everyone is right on his or her view, it depends on how you understand yours.

So pride of saying, am not supposed to ask for forgiveness, because I am not the cause of that problem will cause massive damage in your relationship, it will make you continue to be making mistakes all the time.

In life, it is common that men are the ones that can quickly apologize to their women, not because that they are men, but it’s because they are the people that the women believe that they know better than them, and they are the head of the family. Why then, are you as a man finding it difficult to act as man, to ask for the forgiveness if your partner is not happy.

Don’t see yourself as a hard vessel; see yourself as the head of the family and act as one.

Two wrong they say does not make a right. One must surrender, and the other will then accept.

Be Wise.

“What to do when you make a big mistake in a relationship.”

  1. Add fun to the relationship.

When the mistake has been made, you should try as much as possible to add more fun to that relationship so that it will be easier to reverse it. Sometimes, funny words and funny attitude can revive a relationship that has gotten an issue.


  1. Give it some time.

When you make the biggest mistake, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to settle. It takes time to heal a broken heart. Give it some time after you must have done all those things that have been listed.

Never you lose hope, nor think that it’s getting too long. No” it’s not too long, it always likes that depending on the type of individual. Also, try to read advice about relationships. it will help you.


We believed that we had answered your question and cleared your confusion. Feel free to drop your comments if you have any.


“What to do when you make a big mistake in a relationship.”


  1. Well I must comment that this is really good n helpful if the both partner will take it to heart. I will like to ask a question:what will u do if ur partner has refused to reason with you after having a misunderstanding him or her?

  2. Your partner can’t hold on a long time. so i advice that you keep calling or disturbing him/her to forgive you but make sure not to hurt him or her that bad and also try to ask questions to be sure where you wronged him or her and stop those things your partner hate to see you doing thanks

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