I understand that many families today are not happy. Due to one thing or the other that makes them feel as if they are in bondage. Or think of their marriage as a mistake, but relax and cool yourself down for is not the end of the world. Neither is it the end of your wedding. I will tell you things to do, that will bring back happiness in your marriage once again. “What to do when you are not happy in your marriage.”


What do you do when you are not happy in your marriage?


  1. Forget things that make you unhappy, although it will be hard. But try to forget, and avoid those things that you know will always make you feel sad in your marriage.
  2. Learn to add fun to your family because it will help put a smile on each other face. Try to play or have fun together so that there will be noted intimacy.
  3. Learn the DO and DON’TS of your partner, to avoid you too having issues. Always avoid doing the things, you know he/she don’t like. “What to do when you are not happy in your marriage.”
  4. Learn the formula or the right way to do things that work for your family. Because every marriage has its method or way of doing things, so you have to learn the formula of your marriage.
  5. Show love and concern to each other. You two needs always to try to show love, care and concern to each other, especially if you want happiness to be in your family. Because only when you do so will you know when your partner is not happy, and when you need each other most.
  6. You can’t talk about happiness if there is no understanding in your marriage. So cool down to understand your partner. For you will always see their reasons in most of their actions so that you will not always be sad or angry with each other’s efforts.”What to do when you are not happy in your marriage.”
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One thing I want you to bear in mind on this issue is this. Happiness is essential to bring back to your family, but working on it alone will be a big load to you, that doesn’t mean you should not give it a try, all am saying is if your partner can’t agree and join you on this.

Then it may be hard for you, but don’t give up try your best for the sake of your family, when you see that you alone can’t do it then try to see a marriage counsellor for a guide on what to do.

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“What to do when you are not happy in your marriage.”


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