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What to do when a guy takes you for granted?

Is not normal or rather is not a thing of joy that a guy you love and care about, takes you for granted. It very bad and hurts a lot, but don’t worry that is why we are here. Be Wise Professor teaches you, or rather will show you what to do to that guy who don’t appreciate the fact that you are dating him, or that you are with him Relax and cool your mind for we got you covered with tips or things to do on this issue so that the guy will learn his lessons that he is hurting you. And he never again try to take your for granted and will know your value and worth in his life. “What to do when a guy takes you for granted?”


Here is what to do to him.


  1. Don’t visit him regular the way you use to. Because is only when you are not around will someone know your value or your importance in his/her life. So control the way you visit him, for you to gain your respect back.


  1. Don’t call him regular or answer his calls always like you use to do. Allow his calls to be missed calls at times. So that you can leave him with worries of why you no longer call always, and pick his calls.


  1. Don’t let him know your plans or the reason behind your actions, because if he do the issue may grow worst, so when he asked you why you don’t pick or call him, Just tell him you are busy with work.

“What to do when a guy takes you for granted?”

  1. Don’t do all the things he tells you or ask from you. Learn to say NO to some of his request.


  1. Hangout with your friends or other girls instead of him.


In fact to wrap it all up try to avoid things that will always draw you close to either visit him or answer his calls because when someone miss your presence only then will he know your worth. And when he knows your worth, he will not take you for granted again.

If after doing this and the issue still continue then I advice you to leave the relationship for you have lost him. So try to leave him and maybe if he later realizes himself he will then look for you.


Now tell us your mind, ideas and suggestion using the comment section below so that other can learn from you too.

“What to do when a guy takes you for granted?”


Onyedika Boniface

Born in family of life. Love seeing everybody in a peaceful and happy relationship and marriage. Address: no 23 Ase-Eme village, pH. Road, Ohabiam,Aba South, Abia State, Nigeria. Phone number: +2347062470552 Email: [email protected]

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