What makes a marriage last

What makes a marriage last
What makes a marriage last

Marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman who agree to live as one and be called husband and wife. Now what makes this two people who agree to live as one, to last long and be forever, is what I will explain carefully and full to you in a way that you will understand. So if the reason why you are reading this now is to know what makes marriage to last, then relax and read carefully for you are in the right place. For I explain it to the simplest form, so that everyone will understand it well. “What makes a marriage last”


What makes a marriage last


  1. Commitment.

You should try and understand that your marriage will only last based on the way you are committed to it and how important you take it. So if you treat it anyhow you will end up losing it all in your marriage.


  1. Understanding.

Very important in all marriage, you should be able to understand your spouse no matter what. Try not to be too quick in judging him or her until you see or hear from him or her. Try to understand that everyone has his or her own reasons for doing something and don’t just be fast to judge your spouse.


  1. Truthfulness.

You should try to be truthful to your partner in all you do. Remember it’s only him or her that will stand up for you and defend you. So even if you can’t be truthful to anyone else then try to be with your spouse for only he or she will understand you better.

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“What makes a marriage last”

  1. Right formula.

Just as mathematics, every marriage has its own formula. So don’t do this or that because your friends or others are doing it in their marriage. But instead look for the best way to do things in your family because you and your partner are two different individual. So try to look for a way to be doing things that will suit both of you and bring peace, joy and happiness to your marriage, and don’t copy what is in other people’s marriage, and expect it to work on your own.


  1. Attention and affection.

You and your spouse should give each other all the attention and affection that one needs. Only through that way will you be able to understand each other and when one of you needs the other most.


  1. Avoid third party.

Try to avoid third party in your marriage. It will only bring problems between you and your partner. Remember only you alone understands your partner, so an advice from someone who doesn’t know how you both started may end up in breaking up your marriage. So please try as much as you can to allow your problems to be between you and your spouse alone.


My final word to you on this topic is this. Never have you thought that there is a marriage without problem. No marriage is perfect, but how you handle your own marriage problems is what is called maturity in marriage.

“What makes a marriage last”

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