What love is all about

Some people don’t understand, the meaning of this word love or what love is all about because assuming they do, they would understand that to love someone means that you will show concern, care and will never do anything to hurt the person, and you will always put your lover first before anything else, you must try to be there when your partner needs you to be beside him or her, you will always stand strong at all time to defend and to fight for your partner.

You will always see your partner face when you close your eyes, you will always think of them always, you will never cheat on your lover and will stand on their decisions. You must give your partner your trust, you must consider your partner in any decision you make, and make sure your partner comfortable and happy with your decision, you must try to do all your partners wish, that you are capable of doing and you must understand when your partner don’t have or can’t be able to do that which you ask for, you must always be where they are for them to be happy.

All this and many others are signs and things that explain what love is all about and not the opposite. Some men at times do force or try to make a girl to have sex or sleep with them as a sign or way to show or prove to them that the girl love him, but all that is not a true sign of love, they are using that to deceive most girls and of which after having sex or sleeping with the girl, they left her, at the end causing the girl heartbroken, because they are not ready to love but only ready to have sex with the girl, but the truth of all this still remain, that any man who truly love you, will have all these qualities above and will be patience to wait till the right time and then make love to you and not forcing you or trying to look for a way to make love with you, a man who love you will forget about sex, because out of truly love and feeling a man and a woman makes love, so bear that in mind that to have sex with someone don’t mean that you love the person or that the person love you.

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What love is all about

Some also give a girl gift and money as a sign to prove their love or to make the girl to love them, but the truth is that is wrong to use money or gift to get or make a girl love you, because love comes from heart and any girl who don’t love you are but love you for what you are, don’t love you, I don’t say to give a girl gift is not good but having in mind or intention to use a gift or money to make her love you is bad, because such love may not last and at times when all those things are gone she may go and look for the one who have that which she want.

So I advise you to cool down and monitor your partner and be sure that your partner truly care, don’t make a mistake of falling in love with the wrong person, who don’t truly love you, but only ready to care for you or love you only when you have that which they need, so try to be very careful because if you are not you won’t find the one who truly love you, so be very careful to avoid heartbroken.

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