There are thousands of things in guys that girls likes but there are most important ones which girls likes first in guys which we will be writing on today.

It is true that there’s individual difference but there are some things that are common for everyone, and those things are-

What is the first things girls look for in guys

  • His appearance

First impression matters in everything. So at first, every girl wants a guy that looks good. Not that he must be handsome but atleast he will be good looking and cute so that they can present him before their fellow women.
So, a guy need to work on his appearance for it’s one of the major thing a girl look out for in a man.

  • His Personality.

A guy’s personality is also the second one. Most girls like a guy that is well trained and friendly as well. A guy who acknowledges others and value people bas well, not an arrogant ones. So, a guy should work on his personality so that he will stand a chance to win girl’s taste.

  • His interest and hobbies.

Girls always looks for what interests a guy most, as well as his hobbies. Your interest in some things and your hobbies will also determine how you will be known. No girl want a man who doesn’t knows his left or right. Girls like guys that has his likes and dislikes not one that likes all or dislikes all.

  • One character he does that makes him different.

If there is a character that you posses that makes you unique, that character is what will draw her to you. Because girls like guys who has a unique character that is different from others.

  • Emotions that are genuine.
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A genuine emotions attracts girls to guys and not take ones. Girls likes guys that feel emotional, a guy that cries when it’s necessary. That your emotional part is what makes you wanted by many.

What Is The First Things Girls Look For In Guys

  • Brave and confidence.

Every girl like to be with a brave guy. A guy that is intelligent and confidence on his self. A guy that can defend them at any time. A guy that can direct and gives you a sure advice and still guides you in achieving your goals. That’s what girls look out first in a guys

  • Respect.

Girls look out for guys who has respect for them. A guy who knows how to treat a woman. A guy who understand a woman’s feeling and knows how to control them. Respect is not just given to only guys but girls also needs that. So girls first look out for a man that respects and care for them as it’s supposed.

  • Loyalty.

Girls like guys who are loyal to them. A humble and cheerful guy that will be loyal and trustworthy.

  • A man of his words.

This is another wonderful thing girls first look out for in a guy. A man that is indeed a man. A man of principle. A man that knows his left and right and still maintain his stand at any given time. A man that doesn’t just speak and speak without achievement.

  • A responsible man with a good job.

Every girl like a good, responsible guy with a good job. No one wants to suffer. No girl want to be in the hands of an irresponsible guy. So, every girl look out for a well mannered, responding guy with good with adquate job.

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