What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Men often rely on their masculinity and virility as a badge of their manhood; thus, they need to have a fit body, good looks, and high activity levels. However, as they age, this machismo slowly fades away and with it their self-confidence and self-esteem. Middle-aged men are a bit cranky, moody, have low energy and poor focus, and most attribute it to their age, however, recent studies have shown that this could be caused by low testosterone levels in the body. Surprisingly after age 25, men do not produce as much testosterone in the body as they used to and this results in low testosterone levels in the body. Fortunately, this condition can be reversed by a special treatment, called testosterone replacement therapy. The treatment involves getting regular testosterone shots until normal levels are reached. Having the therapy will help your body regain muscle mass and promote weight loss, it also will improve your mood and promote better sleep and overall wellness. As it is a relatively new treatment, there are many concerns regarding its efficacy and all of which are natural responses to something that did not exist before. 


What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy? 

If a person had been diagnosed with low testosterone levels, a therapy called testosterone replacement therapy will be used to treat it. However, the individual has to be accurately diagnosed as having low testosterone and this can be done through blood chemical analysis. Once the lab tests have been conducted and the results indicate low testosterone levels, then a slow and low hormone replacement therapy can be administered right at the clinic and you can go home after it. The procedure involves injecting the patient with bioidentical testosterone for several weeks and it can be done in the clinic or at home if the patient desires. It has been shown that testosterone replacement therapy greatly improves the body and well-being of the person, such that, they can regain muscle strength, lose weight, increase sex drive and have better focus and attention at their work. Moreover, testosterone used in the shots is identical to the human body so that rejection is minimal and it will immediately have an effect on the body. 


Who Needs Testosterone Replacement Therapy? 

Only those who have been diagnosed with low testosterone are suitable for testosterone replacement therapy. Those who experience fatigue, weight gain, loss of body mass, erectile dysfunction, mood swings, loss of motivation, and brain fog could have low testosterone levels, but this needs to be confirmed by a blood chemical analysis. Once determined as having low testosterone levels, the patient will then be given information regarding their condition and how the hormone replacement therapy could help them. After which, if they do decide to get the treatment, they will be started on a low dose therapy right there and then. The following shots will then be scheduled every week and it could either be given in the clinic or at home. It often takes about eight to twelve shots to reach the normal levels, and patients have reported a significant change in their bodies and their dispositions in life.


Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe? 

Generally, testosterone replacement therapy is a safe procedure and treatment, the kind of testosterone used is bioidentical, which means that it is natural and similar to what the body produces, thus there is little risk for adverse reactions and rejections. The body recognizes the injected testosterone is similar to what is already in the body and will accept it as part of the body’s reserve hormones. As a hormone it accumulates in the body and when normal levels are reached, the body functions that rely on testosterone kicks in as if it was young and strong and improves activity levels. If you have concerns about the potential risks of testosterone replacement therapy, it is best to discuss this with the resident physician so that your questions can be amply answered.


Why Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Important? 

Testosterone replacement therapy is fairly new in the market, although hormone replacement therapy had been around for ages. Testosterone is an androgen, and it is the male hormone, it is very important in determining and forming the secondary sexual characteristics, males who have low testosterone will have a female like body, while women who have extra testosterone will have facial hair and will be masculine in form. In the past, testosterone was not available in the market, as it was difficult to synthesize and was only produced by the body. Nowadays, with advanced technology, it is now possible to make synthetic testosterone, however, there was a various reaction to it that the gold standard now for hormone replacement therapy is the bioidentical one. Men who feel that they are less of a man than they used to be will seek testosterone replacement therapy, when testosterone reserves are depleted, it will result in chronic fatigue, loss of libido, extreme mood swings, easily angered and weight gain, loss of muscle mass and lack of motivation. Having all of these symptoms would make a man doubt his abilities and can become depressed and burnout. Testosterone replacement therapy is the only remedy or treatment there is for this condition, hence the importance of it.


Where To Get Testosterone Replacement Therapy 

Many health clinics now offer testosterone replacement therapy; however, you need to be careful when choosing which clinic to go to. The first consideration would be whether they accept your health insurance to cover the expenses on the treatment, since, it would mean shelling out your cold cash if it does not accept your medical insurance. The second is whether the clinic is certified by the state to operate and whether they have accredited and certified physicians and nurse staff. You would not want to be scrutinized by someone who is not board certified. The third is the ease at which you can receive your treatment, whether in the clinic or at the comfort of your home. Lastly is determine which of the many testosterone mixtures they use and whether it is safe for you.