What is her crime

What is her crime?

Sometimes I ask myself this question “what is the crime of a woman in this world?” We should try to understand that women are special and have right as man because I can’t see the reason why they are been treated in such way with so much disregard and disrespectful, although am not a woman but at times I feel for them because of the suffering they always go through and how they are been treated, at times it get me angry that they are been treated in such manner as if they are slave or have no value.

Why is it that husband due cheat on their wife and their wife will tolerate, and will be ask to endure that they are woman due to that they should bear and tolerate whatever the man do, but when a woman cheats on her husband, she will be called all sort of names and will been seen as stupid or as an irresponsible person, sometimes will be sent packing out of their husband’s house, all because she is a woman, when I sit alone I always ask myself this question does it mean that “Men has the right to cheat?” or “is the law not applicable to them?” the only answer I will get is that she is a woman, so due to that she has no right again to be heard? or is she not a human? Or is been a woman makes her to be above temptation? But if you look at it by a normal sense you will agree with me that she is a human too and also has the right as man.

Why is it that after going through all the stages of all nine(9) months of pregnancy and pains they pass through during child delivery they will still be seen as if they had done nothing in marriage or upbringing of a child in the family all because the man only provide money forgetting that without a woman, the house would have been scattered, the child will lack good home bringing in the house and the family will also lack happiness. All these work she will do for the house and she will still be taken as if she had done nothing or had no contribution in the family and in all these they will still endure and bear all these pains and humiliation from a man all because they are woman.


A man will make money during his youth life and will have great respect and regard and will be called a hardworking and successful man with all the good names you can ever think of in this world but when a woman makes money on her youth time she will be called all sort of name, she will be mocked and will be said to be lover of money and desperate woman all because she is a woman. When I see issues like this I ask myself “is it a crime for a woman to make money” or is money only made for men” but the only answer I always get is this, “she is a woman”. Even when she will be alone without working or doing any business she will be seen as a lazy and prostitute woman. Nothing a woman will be done in this world without having something to be blamed for yet they still bear it and always try to care, love and respect their man with their whole heart.

A single man will be seen as nothing and will be taken that he is still struggling and working hard to make money for his future family but when you will see a woman who is also struggling to make it, she will be called names and will be tagged as a fool or confuse person, all because she is a woman that is why she has to be treated that way

A family will have only daughters in the family and still will be taken as if they had no child, this is mostly seen in Africa due to their tradition, I always ask myself “is a daughter not a child?” “maybe she  is not a human being? “ or “is there no woman out there who is far more better than man” why then will women be hated so much in such tradition, some do say is better not to have any child than to have a daughter, I still look and meditate always on such tradition, because all these suffering is much for a woman to bear because I don’t see been a woman as a crime.

Why is Women been denied education, this also happen mostly in Africa where some parents will say is better to train a boy to school than training a girl. Why did they have to do so? What is the crime?  Or is it a bad thing been a woman? Women really need to be taken good care of, they really need to have right and value because a woman can be more successful and have more value in society, so please why punishing them when they do nothing.

A man’s wife will die and six(6) months after the burial he will look for new wife and he will be congratulated and praise so well, some will say he is a real man he tried a lot by moving on with his life forgetting his past but in women case the reverse is the case, no matter how long, months or years she waited before getting marry or move on, she  will be called a sort of names and will be even suspected as the person that kill her husband, some may said she killed her husband just to be with another man forgetting than once a woman love a man she will do anything within her power to protect ,care and love him. All this will be forgotten easily just because she is a woman. “Does is mean that is only a man who has to move on?” or does it mean that is only a man who made this promise till death do them apart? So a woman don’t make that promise too?” or “does it mean the woman has to always remain a wife to a man weather life or dead”.

A man will be in marriage and still look for another woman to marry may be because the woman has not taken in or give him a child yet but still the woman will always endure all both the insult from all the man’s family. Why is it so, is been woman really that big crime? Or is she the God that gives child, why so much pain for a woman? Why so much suffering for a woman?

The way you made your home that way it will be, I don’t know what you think of a woman but to me women are home builders especially when you made them feel important, remember from the beginning you where dating her till you marry her, she got pregnant you both where happy, but since the day God bless her womb with baby, you will notice her body will start going through vigorous changes, try to adore her because when you will be out there as a man with your friends, she is there at home feeling sick. Spitting and vomiting, while you complain about her getting lazy, her baby was busy creating room inside her, then you will watch how her favorite food became her enemy, as she started to order for oddly meals, she change her diet and started to add weight,  is this suffering not enough for them already. She will lost her shape because of the child in her womb, she also lost part of her beauty as the stomach started coming out, her cloths became small as her belly grows bigger, she got worried about the stretch marks, she complain and goes through pain each time the baby kicked and move inside her womb.

She will be in labor, sacrificing her life just to save the baby, fighting for her life and the baby and after all these stress she gave birth to a child who will became a man tomorrow and will foolishly lay his hands on a woman to beat her, or you open your mouth to say that women don’t deserve to have respect. If she don’t deserve to have a respect is it you as man that deserve the respect when she as a woman will carries the cross of what you both did. Take your time and ask your mother or think on the pains the woman who give birth to you pass through and understand the pains women are passing through in this life which you as a man can never do.

A woman deserve love, care, concern, cherish and to be respected because the world can’t be what it is today without them who is there to always advice and direct a man, even from the begging when a man is born he is been directed and listen to advice of a woman he called mother till the day he got married and also continue listening to the advice of a woman who is now called his wife and partner. So let us all appreciate women and not making them feel like is a crime to be a woman, when is never a crime.


I challenge you as a Lady reading this to try to share this out as you can for the world to here it and know the important of woman hood and also comment your mind too.


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