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What Is Definition Of Love

Love have so many definition in this life and also can be interpreted in so many languages and understanding. “What Is Definition Of Love”

There are millions of definition of love according to your understanding.

Read carefully as we are about to give you the true definition of love.


1. Love is peace

Love is when there’s this particular person in your life, or particular people in your life that gives you peace of mind whenever you are with them.


2. Love is patience

Love is when you are tired of staying with some one or some people but because of the affection you have for them, you decided to be patient with them just to know if they will change.

“What Is Definition Of Love”

3. Love is forgiving and forgetting

Love is when there is this person or this people who has hurt you so much, and you are willing to forgive them over and over again, due to you do not have to repay them wrongly as they did to you. Love is when you are willing to forget what he or she did to you just because you love them.


4. Love is maturity

Love is when you understand that your decision is not always the ultimate, that at times you have to give room for other people’s opinion too.


5. Love is respect

Love is when you respect other people’s decision, and understand that everyone in this world has his or her own mind and knowledge.


6. Love is happiness

Love is when there’s these set of people or this particular person that always keeps you happy, or you feel happy whenever you are with him or her. Love makes you happy and younger. When there’s a person that you cannot resist to smile even when there’s no reason to smile, but you smiled each time you see with them.

“What Is Definition Of Love”

7. Love is knowing your responsibility and facing them without any fear or obstacles. Love is sticking to that thing that you want and getting it with your straight without cheating.


8. Love means total commitment

Love is when you are committed to someone, and you are willing to do anything for the sake of that person no matter how much it will cost you.


9. Love is understanding what you are, whom you are and what you lived for. Love is the act of giving your partner a chance to prove himself or herself.


10. Love is trust

Love is when there’s trust on someone, and believe that no matter what happens that there’s always a reason behind any action of that person.

“What Is Definition Of Love”

11. Love is letting go of something that you cannot have no matter how much you struggle to have it. Love is setting someone free and being happy for them wherever they may be.


12. Love is sacrifice

Love is sacrificing your happiness for other people’s sake.


13. Love is not being too jealous

Some people take jealousy to be love. No, too much jealousy is not love, love is when you are willing to let go of what is not yours and pursue for what is really yours.

“What Is Definition Of Love”

14. Love is the act of giving up what you have just to be with someone you have affection for.


15. Love is when you stop expecting something to come out of your relationship. Expectations in a relationship is not love but selfishness and greed because when that, which you expected is not achieved, that love will be wiped away.


16. Love is the act of having someone’s best interest and well-being at heart and caring for them for all your life.


17. Love is the act of introducing this special one to your loved ones and making them feel special and welcomed into your life.

“What Is Definition Of Love”

18. Love is a simple word that is used by many people but only matured mind understands it well.


19. Love is a strong feeling that you have for one particular person which no one can separate.


20. Love is when you can’t get over someone even when you have separated with the person, you still wished them well.



Love is a wonderful feelings that you have for someone which no one can be able to break. It’s a natural feeling that is being created by the Almighty and it is built in human and everyone who is a living being.

We believed that you are able to understand this article, and if you have any contributions or comments you can drop it on the comments section.

“What Is Definition Of Love”

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