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What is cheating on your partner?

People do ask what it means to be cheating on your partner and today I decided to help clear this question, and make you understand or have a picture on what it means to be cheating on your partner. So relax let go through this issue today and clear understanding on it. Now without saying much or talking more about this let go straight to the point why we are here. “What is cheating on your partner?”

What is cheating on your partner?

Well cheating on your partner is when you do things of intimacy that is suppose to be done only with you and your partner. Cheating can also be define as been sexually or emotionally unfaithful to your partner who you have agreed to be with in a close relationship. I mean channelling your sexual life or emotional support to someone else that is not your partner.

If you are in relationship that is not an open relationship and you channel your sexual energy or emotional support to someone else instead of your partner, then know that you are cheating on your partner. Because there are some certain things that you should only be doing with your partner, but when you start doing those things with someone else instead of him/her then bear in mind that you are cheating and your partner will not be happy that you are doing so. “What is cheating on your partner?”

Let say things like kissing, romancing, having sex, e.t.c. with someone else that you know is not your partner then you are cheating, because all those things are meant to be done only with your partner. So doing that with someone else is cheating and if your partner is also doing so he or she is also cheating.

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So please avoid cheating in your relationship because it won’t only destroy your relationship but will also hurt your partner if he or she finds out that you are cheating. So save yourself from troubles that you will face when you cheat on your partner today and always put yourself in the shoes of your partner that if you are to be him or her and is cheating on you, how will you feel!!.

“What is cheating on your partner?”

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