What Is An Unhealthy Family?

What Is An Unhealthy Family?
What Is An Unhealthy Family?
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An unhealthy family that lacks what is supposed to have. It’s a family that doesn’t produce the attribute of what a healthy family has. We shall discuss those attributes that makes a family unhealthy, listen and understand. “What Is An Unhealthy Family?”


The 10 most important things that can make a family unhealthy.


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  1. Communication
  2. Love.
  3. Attention.
  4. Commitment.
  5. Prayers.
  6. Trust.
  7. Maturity.
  8. Concern.
  9. Truthfulness.
  10. Forgiveness.



An unhealthy family is a family that lacks communication, I mean an effective communication not just communication. What do I mean by that? An effective Communication in a family is very important, because it’s from there you can be able to know how your family works, their reasoning and everything about them.

When you are able to communicate with your spouse and children, you will understand that there are some certain things that may need to be changed or planted. An effective communication involves, good listening skills, observant, telling, persuading, asking, explaining and understanding. In a family where there’s a father, mother and children, these attributes of an effective communication needs to be adopted for everyone.

As a wife, if your husband observes that something is wrong and asks you, please try as much as possible to tell him and explain to him. That is observation, telling, asking and explaining. Then you as a husband, if your wife managed to tell you and explain to you, please try to understand her so that you two can work together for the building of your family, that one is understanding.

You can see that communication cannot be effective if those attributes are not there. All of them work together.

“What Is An Unhealthy Family?”


An unhealthy family is a family that lacks Love. Presence of love in a family makes the family healthy at all time. Love your spouse, your children and your husband’s family and your wife’s family. Let Love reign in your family. Teach the children how to love one another, let there be no discrimination.

Your husband’s family is also your family, likewise yours. Teach them how to love because, love is peace. Love brings happiness, when there is love we have laughter and open doors. Where there is love in the family, it will be very easy to work together as one family, and it will be hard for anyone to manipulate in your family.



An unhealthy family is where the presence of attention is lacking. Attention is one of the most important things that make a family healthy. The little time you have left in your day, try to give it to your spouse. Attention is not all about showering gifts and sending presents, it’s all about been by your partner’s side, kissing her or his forehead, and praising her every time. Making her feel that she is your happiness.

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Attention all about ignoring those your friends that always want you to go out with them to catch some fun, and you ignore them and focus your time on your family. The little time you spend with your children is better than giving those gifts and money. There are certain things that money cannot buy, and there are certain problems that cannot be solved with money. Let your undivided attention be focused on your family because that will prove that your family is very much healthy.

“What Is An Unhealthy Family?”


You must be committed to the things of your family. A family that lives in an I don’t care manner is always unhealthy, because no one will be able to help each other in terms of them , and an outsiders is always finding it easy to manipulate and it collapse family easily. A wife must be committed to the good of her children, as the husband and children. When there is full commitment, the moves  are much easier. An unhealthy family is always lacking commitment. Put you full time. Let the happiness of your family be your first priority so that your union shall last.



The master key to a successful family is prayers. Prayers can move mountains, and it can set the things that are not right in your family to be right again. Provided that you take your time to pray, let everyone in your family learn the habit of praying and consulting God in all their doing no matter how they pray it. There are some certain things that a man can try doing but may not be able to do it, but when taken it to God, it shall be done perfectly okay. No matter your religion and how you pray it, what is important is that you talked to your creator.  An unhealthy family is where prayers are lacking, no matter how small.



An unhealthy family is a family that lacks trust, wife doesn’t trust her husband and husband doesn’t trust his wife. A family that is like that finds it difficult to grow. They find fault in any little thing they give room for a third party. Build your family with trust, let your spouse have the courage to defend you in anything. Let there be full trust in your family because that will help in building your family for healthy living.

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“What Is An Unhealthy Family?”


Maturity in a family is very important for healthy living. Maturity in a family is when you understand that your partner needs some free time, not monitoring him or her all the time. Maturity in a family is when you understand that your family is all you got, and your priority should be on building it.

Maturity is when you understand how to love your family and how to talk as a woman or as a man in the family. Maturity is when you understand your duty to your children in your family. Maturity is when you understand that your divided attention is needed in your family. Maturity is when you understand that it is not necessary to nag all the time at your spouse.

Maturity is when you understand that, your spouse needs to spend some time with you in your matrimonial room and needs to be satisfied on bed. Maturity is when you understand the kind of things that your family likes the most, and try as much as you could to provide them to no matter how little it is.

Maturity is when you understand that your spouse is trying to make you happy and you try as well to support him or her to achieve those goals. Maturity is love and maturity is happiness, for a family to be healthy, there must be adequate maturity.

For maturity is when you understand that there is no policy in marriage, that your spouse have the right to make stop some certain things that he or she doesn’t like in you that needs to be changed.

Maturity is when you learn how to let go sit some certain behavior that is unpleasant to your spouse and adjust for a healthiness of the family. An unhealthy family is a family that lacks maturity.



Both partners should have concern for each other. Let the things that are bordering your partner also border you. Learn how to show concern to your family, your children and others in the family. Do not be selfish that you can ignore the feelings of your spouse and your children in your family. Negligence is very bad in the family it kills the family and causes the family to be unhealthy. Show concern to your family, because they are all you live for. Do not be all concern just for yourself and yourself alone, always remember that your family is your priority.

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As a wife, you need to show your maximum concern to your hubby. Give your ears to hear his worries. Do not be too fast to show off your interest in his worries. . Let his worries be your worries, because it will help him to think on how to tackle the problem, especially when he noticed that you are strongly with him. And you as a husband make sure to do the same.



An unhealthy family is a family that nobody in the family speaks or stands for truth. Every one lies to any little thing, no one to rely on. It collapse a family, because it will cause the family to be having issues more often.

Let there be truth in your family. Build the spirit of Truth, so that your spouse can be able to defend you outside at all cost. A truthful family always wins every problem that comes their way, because no one will hide the truth, from each other.

A family that lives in truth finds it difficult to collapse. Even no third party can be able to come in, because they are used to share everything with one other and tackle their problems together. A truthful family is an example of a healthy family, while the untruthful family is an example of unhealthy family.

“What Is An Unhealthy Family?”


This one is very important in a family, and any family that lacks the spirit of forgiveness is typically an unhealthy family. Learn how to forgive one another, to ere is human but to forgive is divine. When your spouse is wrong you and ask for forgiveness, please forgive immediately.

Don’t let your anger pass that day let every dispute be settled at that day. Develop that spirit and I bet you it will help you in your family and is a very good example of healthy family. When you forgive, please do not remind him or her of that mistake ever again.

Throw them away and move on, and you that has been forgiven, do not go back to that same mistakes again, try to amend, and if it’s hard for you, to try to consult your partner. He or she will help you get rid of that.


All these are the example of an unhealthy family. Drop your comments if you have any.


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