What Is A Platonic Friendship And Why They’re Good To Have

What Is A Platonic Friendship And Why They're Good To Have
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Platonic friendships can be difficult. You might find yourself in a frustrating, jealous relationship at its worst. Platonic relationships can be a blessing in your life.

Platonian friendships can cause a blurring of the lines, which can lead to hurt feelings and even heartbreak. It is important to understand what platonic friendship looks like and how to treat platonic friends with respect. Understanding your platonic friendship will help you get the best out of it and teach you how to enjoy each other’s company without any romantic elements.

Platonic friendships can be very important in your life. It’s important to know them. We have the answers to your questions in this article.

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What is a Platonic Friendship?

Platonism is a close friendship between two people that aren’t dating or having sex. If the friendship goes beyond being “just friends”, it is not considered platonic. Platonic friends could have sexual tension. One or both might feel more in love and attracted to one another, but have not yet taken action. Platonian friendships can be close and meaningful. However, they are not meant to be friends. This person might be loved the same as a sister or brother. Sometimes platonic friendships can evolve into relationships. Other times, you may only be friends. Platonic friendships can be between people of the same sex and representatives of different sex. However, it is common for people to clarify that they are strictly platonic when there is potential for a more sexual relationship such as a friendship between two heterosexual men or two gay women or between two heterosexual men and a woman.

A Platonic Friendship Isn’t

If you do more than a just kiss or have a relationship, you might be moving into friends.

Although you might harbour secret feelings for a platonic friendship, if they have made it clear that they believe you are better friends and they respect you as platonic friends and not as potential partners, you can honour their wishes and not pressure them to be more.

Over time, relationships change and evolve. It is possible to be platonic friends with someone and then go on to become a couple. These are all part of the cycle of life. Different people can serve different purposes in your daily life. You don’t have to worry about your safety or stress as long as you keep communication open and maintain respect.

All friendships, including platonic ones, should be built on love and respect for the other person. This includes respecting their wishes and needs.

The Benefits of a Platonic Friend

Platonism is great for many reasons. Here are some of them.

They’re a Friend

Without our closest friends, what is life? A friend is someone who can understand you, keep you company, and make it fun. Sometimes, your friendships can become close enough to feel like family. True friendship can be described by the phrase ” I love and cherish my friends. They are my family.”

We can sometimes socially overhype romantic relationships. As if having a boyfriend/girlfriend as a life partner is the best thing in the world. Don’t let society’s pressure distract you from a platonic friend. Platonism can improve the quality of your life and challenge your outlook. It can also make you feel loved, supported, and supported without any sex.

Perhaps one day you will be more than just friends with your platonic friend. Friendships are the foundation of some of the most romantic relationships. Don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t happen. Never feel discouraged by a strong friendship. You will love this person if you truly care about them.

Friendship is something to be celebrated, regardless of gender or sexual orientation What does healthy friendship look like?

A positive, healthy friendship is…

  • Respect each other’s opinions even when they are not yours
  • Instead of tearing each other down, you build up each other and complement each other’s best qualities.
  • You are there in both the good and the bad times, and a friend will be there for you, even just to listen.
  • You can make each other laugh and have a similar outlook on life and a sense of humour.
  • It’s okay to speak out without being judged or embarrassed.
  • You try to keep in touch, regardless of distance and busy lives.
  • Respect each other’s opinions and seek out each other for advice.
  • You are open to sharing your vulnerability and being honest with one another
  • You love one another and would not feel the same if they weren’t your faithful companion.

People believe that a great friend is more than the sum of its parts. This means that you can be better friends together than you are if you are apart. A good friend is someone who adds value to your life, is loyal to and supports you when you need it.

There are many benefits to platonic friendships, no matter if you end up being romantic partners. All these benefits can be shared with someone even if they are not of your preferred sex or gender.

What Is A Platonic Friendship And Why They're Good To Have

Improved Communication Skills

Dating can be stressful. It is easy to be anxious about the future and how it will unfold. You might also worry about whether you will have another date. You may find it difficult to communicate with someone you are not familiar with, or you could have conflicting interests.

Friendship can be a wonderful way to get to know someone, without the pressures of dating. You might openly share things with your friends that you wouldn’t tell a potential partner sexually. You might be able to talk more freely and get to know each other’s vulnerabilities.

Accepting the imperfections of others is a big part of loving. Sometimes we are afraid to be ourselves in a new relationship. It’s easier to be silly, vulnerable, funny, and even weaker with friends than it is with other people. Friends fall in love with you when that happens.

What Can Teach You About the Opposite Sex

Although people are all different, there may be many similar ways of thinking. A friend can help you to understand how they think and what you can expect.

This applies only to heterosexual couples. The opposite sex is not required to be present in a homosexual relationship.

Heterosexual relationships often have differences between the genders that we didn’t learn growing up in health class. A platonic friend of the other gender can help you to gain respect and make friends with them.

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In media, we often see the opposite sex as being very different to us. However, a platonic friend who has the opposite sex will prove that these differences are not so significant.

You might be able to gain insight from a friend who is sexier than you. Let’s take, for example, a friend you consider attractive and you want to get to know more about her. It might seem intimidating to approach her and ask her about her feelings. However, if you ask your platonic friend for help and get to know her feelings, she may be more willing to share her thoughts.

It is hard to justify sexism if someone has a healthy, platonic friendship. If you get to know someone platonically, you will see them as more than a sex object or potential romantic partner. You learn to get to know them as individuals with many emotions and desires.

It is a must to maintain and form relationships with the other sex. It is important to start early to build a positive relationship with the opposite sex. This will make you more successful in your personal and professional lives.

One Can Support Another

Consistent support from another person is the greatest benefit of a strong friendship. Although it is easier to view romantic partners as the greatest source of support in our lives and media, this does not mean that they are always the best. A platonic friendship group can provide you with the same benefits as a romantic relationship. In times of sickness or family strife, you can support each other. If one of you is unemployed or has trouble paying off debts, you can both help the other financially. It is a fact of life that there are always storms. Therefore, it is important to have people you can rely on.

Even when it is not stormy, your friend will be there to cheer you on. Your friend will cheer you on when you have an important performance, exam or another event, even if it is a crazy schedule.

A healthy platonic friendship can be very helpful for your mental health. It allows you to talk about many aspects of your life with someone you trust.

If you don’t feel supported and emotionally connected in friendships, it might be toxic. Is your friend there only when you are happy, or when you need them? Are they available for you when you are in need?

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Help you identify bad relationship habits

Sometimes we are the only ones to notice when we get caught up in a bad relationship. Although it is easy to fall for manipulators in unhealthy relationships, your friends will always see the problem from the outside.

If it is your first relationship, you might have convinced yourself or someone else that the opposite side is better than the other. If you’ve always been jealous of your girlfriends, you might have come to believe that women are jealous. If you have a female friend who is close to you, you can tell her that jealousy does not happen in every relationship.

Sometimes a friend will be more open than a lover with you, especially when you are starting a new relationship. An honest friend will often be more open to you if you are being rude or unusual. You can ask a friend to give their honest opinion about why your relationships are failing. Don’t be offended if they reply! True friends are there to support you and give insight you may not have otherwise.


Let’s suppose you are a woman in a bar with your male friend. You see a man you like from a distance. It’s hard to tell if he is funny, odd, or single. You don’t know much about him. If you approach him by yourself, you could be rejected or worse, he might turn out to have a creepy personality. You will likely put on fake personalities to impress him if you approach.

Your best friend asks you to speak to him. He approaches the man and has a conversation. Without the immediate pressure of approaching someone in a bar, he learns more about the person through friendship. Your best friend returns to you and tells you that the man is happily married and is looking for a relaxed night with friends. Your man friend saved you from the embarrassing experience of being rejected at the bar by a stranger and also opened your door to potential new friends.

Even if you don’t want to be with your platonic friend in a romantic relationship, they can introduce them to their friends. They can also vouch for you and tell their friends how great you are. You can ask your platonic friend for the contact information and phone numbers of those you are interested in, and they will then forward that information to you. Platonic friends could invite their friends and arrange a low-pressure event for strangers to get to know one another.

Sometimes it can be difficult to approach someone in the context of a relationship. It is not a good idea to be rejected and to be forced to reject someone. A close friend who is a sex partner can open up many possibilities and make it easier to date.

Trust between Different Genders

Sex can indeed cause problems in relationships when it becomes involved. Perhaps your role models for the opposite sex are now estranged or the relationship is becoming more complicated.

You can make a platonic relationship and get to know someone more consistent than you are if you keep your partner in a platonic relationship. You can form a strong friendship with someone you can rely on on without worrying about stress.

There is generally less pressure which makes friendships more stable over time. There is no need to worry about in-laws or long-distance fights or raising children the same way as you would in a long-term marriage. Your friendship can help you see how it is to depend on another gender without these additional complications. Your platonic friend can be trusted to support you in the good and the bad.

Learn Boundaries

Respect is the cornerstone of friendship. Respect is the foundation of friendship. If someone draws a line or asks you for a break, you will comply, even if it hurts. It is not your intention to put pressure on someone or endanger a friendship. Respect for the other person should always be your priority

Platonism comes with many implicit boundaries. Platonism is when you don’t cuddle up together or kiss each other, or act as boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s possible to be tempted to go beyond those boundaries, especially if you have been drinking or you feel lonely. You can only move forward when you both have mutual respect and consent.

Communication is the key to any significant move in your platonic friendship. Communication is key to any major move in your platonic friendship. Ask your friend for his or her boundaries before you make any major moves. You want them to feel at ease. This will impact your friendship. Although it may seem awkward and unnatural at the time, you’ll be glad you asked these questions later when you can maintain your healthy friendship.

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The Advantages

While platonic friendships have many positive aspects, there are also some drawbacks. Let’s look at them all for fairness.

You Can Feel Feelings

Your friend is human too. Even if you only spend a few hours together, it’s normal to feel a sexual attraction towards your friend. You should start to feel a growing attraction for your friend and ask yourself where they are coming from.

Sometimes, romantic feelings can develop slowly as the two of you get to know one another better. This is healthy. This could be because you get to know the person better and you become more in love with them. It could be because you spend so much time together. Maybe the romantic feelings you feel aren’t strong enough but you have a great relationship and you want to do more. Romantic feelings can be frightening. It is important to respect the wishes of others and your desires. You should not feel pressured to enter into a relationship with someone you only see as a friend. Respect is important, but not sexual attraction.

One or both of the friends may not want it to be platonic, which could lead to romantic feelings. Although platonic relationships can lead to romantic ones, it is not always possible. Pop culture may lead us to believe it happens more often than in reality. Love songs and romcoms don’t always reflect real life. If you want to have a relationship with someone, you shouldn’t try to establish a platonic friendship. People can get hurt if one person expects a friendship and the other wants something more.

Respect and consent are the best tools to move beyond platonic friends and into a more serious relationship. You will notice a change once you cross the bridge. One person may be looking for friendship with benefits while the other is looking to enter into a committed relationship. You may be very in love with each other but a relationship is not right for you because of where you are at the moment. Imagine hooking up to your platonic friend like opening Pandora’s Box: it can never be closed again.

Platonism is defined as a friendship that has no sexual desire or attraction. If sexual feelings are expressed, regardless of whether it leads to a relationship with another person, the friendship can be deemed platonic.

You might want to give your friend some space if you are in love with them but they don’t want to be friends. You can meet new people and heal your broken heart. Once you have recovered from your heartbreak and are open to dating, it will be easier to return to platonic friendships. This is almost like a broken heart. Change your workout routine, your interior decor, your cooking, and your clothes. These things will help you get on with your life, meet new people, and then come back to your platonic buddy when you’re ready to be more than friends.

Do not let the fear of ruining a friendship stop you from doing something special romantically. Many people believe that once you are in a relationship, you cannot go back to being “Just Friends.” However, this is not always true. Platonic friends could become platonic friends and then try out a relationship. If it fails, you can break up with the other person, become strangers and go back to platonic friends. Love doesn’t have to end as long as there is respect, consent, and communication. It’s okay to have different people in your life at different times.

Even if you think it won’t happen, it is normal to feel emotions when you spend too much time with one person. It is important to be open about your feelings and to have a conversation with your friend. This will keep the friendship from getting awkward and help you feel more comfortable with one another.

Everybody Thinks You’re Dating

People may believe you are dating because of societal norms or other social influences. This mindset can also occur if you cross boundaries in friendships that you may not have crossed. You might find that you are more attracted to this person than you are to them sexually.

Male friendships and female friendships can differ from one another. This could lead to others questioning your feelings and making assumptions about whether you are in a romantic relationship. It is important to establish boundaries for your platonic relationship. Be mindful of how other friendships might affect you and stick to them.

Jealousy May Occur

You may feel jealousy if you and your partner have partners. It can be difficult for many to believe that heterosexuals of opposite sexual orientations can be friends. However, it is possible. You may have to convince your partner that there is nothing wrong. They might still doubt you.

Your friends or partners may experience jealousy. For them, it might be difficult to believe that you are only platonic friends. Your partner may ask you to leave your platonic friend. This is a good time to have a hard conversation with your partner about your jealousies and insecurities. Your partner doesn’t have anything to worry about. Let them know that you don’t want your friendship to be ruined by your insecurity. If you truly love and care about your partner, they will be open to your friendship and will trust you when you state that the relationship is just platonic.

If your platonic friend talks about potential partners, you might feel jealous. This could be a sign your friendship isn’t as platonic as you thought. You might also have feelings for the person. It might be because your friend is romantic about someone else.

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What is the difference between friendship and rivalry?

Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, identified three types of friendships.

  • Friendships in utility
  • Friendships for pleasure
  • Friendships for the good

Friendships of utility occur when there is an ulterior motive. A person is useful to both you and them for one reason or another. Perhaps they are the one who goes to the gym with you or takes a class with your child. Friendship benefits both of you – each person gets something from it. This type of friendship might also be possible through work-based friendships.

Although friendships for pleasure may seem similar, the benefit is enjoyment or fun. This friend might be the one you go to the weekend for drinks or play sports with. It’s lighter-hearted and more fun than serious and deep.

Friendships between the good and the perfect are similar to the ‘perfect friend’. Friends are people who value each other and seek the best for each other. You aren’t in it to get something, you just want to be there for each other.

There are many types of interpersonal relationships. There will be many people in our lives. They could be friends, acquaintances, clients, employees, employers, business partners, romantic partners, or even customers. Although we may make friends with many people, our friendships will differ depending on what we are looking for and how well we know others.

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What is the level of friendship?

We will develop friendship levels as we get to know people and meet them. Over time, our interpersonal relationships can change. Some people will remain at low levels of friendship while others will become close friends.

These are the levels:

  1. Stranger
  2. Acquaintance
  3. Casual friend
  4. A close friend
  5. Be a good friend to your intimate partner

We don’t know them before we meet them. They are not our friends. They are at the bottom. People quickly become friends and many people remain acquaintances, especially when they are in professional relationships. Spending time with people and getting to know them will make it more likely that they become casual friends. They could also become close friends or intimate acquaintances. Many people can identify someone who falls within each of these lower categories. There will also be close friends and intimate friends. Intimacy is usually reached after a long time, and when people share their vulnerability. They are comfortable with the knowledge of their partner.

What’s platonic friendship?

Platonism can be defined in two ways:

1: Referring to or characteristic of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato (in which case, Platonic would have been capitalized).

2: A relationship that is characterized by a lack of romance or sexual desire.

Platonism is a relationship that does not involve sexual relations between two people who are romantically or sexually attracted.

Can platonic friendship be possible?

Yes. Yes. Platonic friendship can be very beneficial. Platonic friendship is an intimate, close friendship that does not involve sex. Platonic friendship is usually used to describe a friendship between two people of the opposite sex. However, it can also be used for same-sex friendships.

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Are platonic friends able to fall in love?

Yes. Yes. But platonic friends who fall in love can transform the relationship from one platonic friendship into a romantic relationship. The relationship may have started as a platonic one and has evolved into a romantic relationship. It’s normal for interpersonal relationships to change. Feelings can arise after spending time with someone and getting acquainted. If platonic friends fall into romantic love, it’s not a platonic friendship.

But sometimes, friendships can become so strong that you end up professing platonic affection to each other. Although you may be saying “I love” to someone, this is not platonic. Platonism is a way of loving someone you admire and are affectionate with.

What’s a platonic relationship?

A platonic love relationship can be described as a platonic relationship that is filled with strong feelings of appreciation and affection for one another. Two friends are close to one another and support each other. However, there is no sexual attraction. Platonism is often between the same sex but can also occur with the opposite.

Is platonic kissing possible?

It is not common, but it depends on the type of kissing. It is more intimate to kiss on the lips than on the cheeks. Platonism is defined as a friendship that does not involve romance or sex. Platonism is a friendship that does not involve kissing. This is because it’s usually only romantic or sexual relationships that are discussed. While we can kiss each other between friends, it is best to avoid kissing on the lips in platonic friendships. It can confuse thoughts and feelings and could lead to the relationship becoming more complicated. This is unless you want to see the relationship change. You might try to get the courage to kiss your partner and see what happens.

What’s platonic flirting?

Platonic flirting means flirting with a platonic friend without any intention of romance or sex. Sometimes you might find yourself complimenting your platonic friend, touching their arm or laughing with them. This is perfectly normal and acceptable, provided that both of you feel at ease. Pay attention to your friend’s body language, and listen to their cues to end the flirting. It is important to not take it too far. You also need to be honest with your friend about how you feel. If you flirt too much with your platonic friend, you may be causing sexual tension. Platonism means that there is no sex or desire for sex. Either friend in friendship must have a partner and they openly discuss their platonic friendship with them. If someone hides their flirty friendship, it may be a platonic friendship.

Do platonic friends have to cuddle?

It depends on what cuddle means to you. It can be platonic if you mean to hug someone or wrap your arms around them. If you’re only using cuddling to say hello or goodbye, it might be to comfort someone who is having a difficult time. Some friends may also use cuddling to share the good news. Cuddling more than that, such as when you’re sitting down and watching TV, can cause sexual tension and romantic feelings. This can make the friendship less platonic.

Cuddling is defined as cuddling with your partner in bed or snuggling while you’re sitting next to one another. This can be problematic if you are both attracted to one another. If there isn’t any attraction between you, it’s common for best friends to cuddle. However, if there has been sexual tension or you feel an attraction to one another, your desire to cuddle may not be entirely platonic.

Be open and honest with your friend. Then, be respectful of the boundaries that you have set for friendship. If you are in a relationship and worry about your friend cuddling with another person, it is best to have a serious discussion with your partner. Communication is the most important thing. You should not be afraid to share your feelings with anyone. You can be firm but polite in your feelings and thoughts.

In Summary

Platonic friendships have all the same benefits as normal friendships, but they also mean that you are close to someone from the opposite sex or someone you may not get to know outside the context of sex. Platonic friends can be your wingman and confidant, as well as your biggest critic.

You need to keep boundaries with your platonic friend. This is especially important if you are in a monogamous relationship with another person. If your platonic relationship moves into romantic relationship territory, and you begin flirting with another friend, that’s okay. As long as both of you have respect, communication, enthusiasm, and content, it is OK. Don’t worry about “ruining” your friendship with this person. If you discover that it didn’t work out between you, you can still be friends.

Respect the boundaries of others and your boundaries so you are not pressured to do something you don’t want to.


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