What Happens On Ovulation Day

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A lot of things happen on ovulation day, and those things are what we are going to talked about. So pay attention. Before we will go to the things that happened on the ovulation day, we must first of all understand what ovulation is all about. “What Happens On Ovulation Day”



Ovulation is the discharge of mature egg from the ovaries. It is the act in which matured eggs are being discharged from other ovaries, which may come out as a colorless mucus from the vagina and it normally comes out every month in a woman’s life.

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Here is what happens on ovulation day.

On ovulation day, a woman is likely to be noticing that her vagina is getting wetter and some mucus may be coming out from it. The mucus that is coming out is not harmful, it is also odorless and can be milky sometimes.

You will feel as if you want to urinate, or as if that something is coming out from your vagina. You must notice that. Once you noticed that, go and wash your hands or pick some tissue and clean yourself, you will definitely see that the mucus is in a milky form and also odorless. See it yourself in case if you haven’t seen it for the first time.


On the ovulation day, you may notice that your breasts will become tenderer and somehow strong and will be eager to get aroused at any time.

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On the ovulation day, you may notice some pain on your tummy and a light weakness at that moment, although it doesn’t take long.


On the ovulation day, you may notice that your temperature will be a bit high, there will be a change in your body temperature which doesn’t last for a long time.


On the ovulation day, you may notice that your body will be sensitive to any kind of arousal especially to the opposite sex. So during that time, you will be hungry for sex and that period is mostly to be a fertile period. You getting pregnant is on a higher chance because every hormone responsible for that is ready and eager.

Even the eggs are eager enough to catch any sperm that may enter through your vagina. So if you want to be pregnant it’s your chance to act but if you are not, just be very careful.


You have seen that there are a lot of things that happens on ovulation day. Feel free to drop your comments if you have any.


“What Happens On Ovulation Day”

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