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What happens if a woman doesn’t climax?

What happens if a woman doesn't climax_
What happens if a woman doesn't climax_

There are many things you will see or notice from a girl that doesn't climax, especially if you are the reason why she always don’t reach extreme during sex. Just relax lets go straight to the point and see things that a girl who is not satisfied will do. "What happens if a woman doesn't climax?"


She gives excuses

If she always gives you reasons or makes some excuses not to have sex with you, or if she always says that she is tired or sleeps off instead, then know that something is wrong, because it’s also a sign of a girl that doesn't climax each you meet her.


She will show no response

If you are with her and she don't always show some responses. As a woman she will always be touching or showing some signs as a woman who is in the mood to feel you as her man, but if she doesn't show all these signs even when you are having intercourse, like the way she morns and act will tell you better. "What happens if a woman doesn't climax?"


She masturbates more often

If she always look for any other measure or means to satisfy herself or urges then know that she doesn't climax with you.


She shows no interest in sex anymore

If you notice that she shows no interest or that she have lost it all in sex, then try to ask her some questions about it because it may be a sign that she doesn't climax.

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She will give you directions

If she always directs you on how to do it or if she always changes your position on how to do it right for her, and then know that maybe she is not enjoying it well and that shows at times that she didn't reach to climax on your other performances, and wants you do it better this time.

"What happens if a woman doesn't climax?"

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