Showing of cleavage means exposing some part of your breasts.

Cleavage is a narrow gap between the human breasts. Although some churches see a woman who shows off her cleavage as an irresponsible woman while some don’t see it as anything.

There are a lot of women out there who chooses such attire as the best outfit they can put on, which some men likes and some doesn’t.


Today we are going to give you the major reason why women show cleavage, so you can understand what it actually means to them. Carefully go through this article so as to get the whole point it’s making.


What Does It Mean When A Woman Shows Cleavage

  1. To get attention
  2. To look attractive
  3. To flirt
  4. To appear more sexy
  5. Choice


To get attention

 Some women show cleavage because they want to get attention from a man next to her or a crush. For instance. If you notice that a girl normal shows cleavage especially when you two are together anytime, you are with her, it means that she’s interested in you and want to get attention from you more than before. Sometimes, the attention you give her may not be enough for her, so by showing her cleavage it might change your mindset towards her.


To look attractive

Some women also show cleavage just to look attractive, either to men or to their fellow women. Women like it when you got attracted to them for how she dresses especially from men. So, this one if the reason why women show cleavage. 

What Does It Mean When A Woman Shows Cleavage

To flirt

Flirting is one of the reasons why a woman will like to show cleavage. Especially when she is with a man or going somewhere that involves meeting men and influencial person.

A woman that flirt normally wears a clothes that shows her cleavage, it makes them happy and relaxed knowing that they are good to go.


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To appear more sexy

This is so because, they might have so many attires that makes them look attractive but they might want to look sexier. So putting on a cloth that shows off their cleavage will convince their mind they are indeed sexy and hot.

So, this is what it means when a woman show cleavage. She just wants to be sexy in the eyes of men. Although some men dislike it, but most of them want it.



Some women may not see it as anything but just chooses to show cleavage as part of fashion. Just as they said that, choice differs. Everybody’s choice cannot be the same. 

Some may choose it due to their family background and the upbringing, while some may choose it due to culture, I mean personal culture.