What Does It Mean When A Guy Doesn’t Answer All Your Texts

What Does It Mean When A Guy Doesn't Answer All Your Texts
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Modern dating and texting go hand-in-hand, but the mystery of the unanswered message is still a common theme. Here’s how you can crack the code if you are unsure of what to do. If a man doesn’t reply, it tells you everything.

Why do guys take so long to reply to texts?

There are many answers to this question.

  • Multitasking is not something men are good at.

This is the easiest. It comes down to the simple fact that men aren’t as adept at multitasking as women. Men tend to get so absorbed in the task at hand that they forget about everything else. Women are more fluid and can change gears easily without losing their focus.

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Numerous studies have shown that women primarily gain self-worth and self-esteem through relationships. The ability to make an impact on the world and be “winners” is what gives men their sense of worth.

In relationships and texting, a woman’s mind is always in the relationship. Even when she’s working or at home, I can recall times when I was at work, doing the job efficiently and getting it done on time. All this while G-chatting with a guy that I saw throughout the day. This is something women can do, but men can’t usually do, especially if they have demanding jobs. A guy might text you every day at first, regardless of how crazy his day may be. But that is only for the beginning stages of a relationship. It is not sustainable over the long term.

Women get frustrated because they expect men to have the same experiences in relationships as they do. He should be able to contact her throughout the day to make her feel loved and cared for. Even at work, she cannot help but wonder why he hasn’t texted her to check on her day. She wants to text him.

Guy Confession:

Guys don’t enjoy being bothered throughout the day. Our minds are narrow, and we lose our focus very easily. My phone is on silent throughout the day. This prevents me from seeing any texts right away. Clingy girls who text constantly can make guys mad. Mostly, I would say, “Leave me alone during the day.” I have things to do, and any text from a girl is a distraction. It’s not personal; it’s just how we work. But if I think of you, I will text you. If you don’t respond within 12 hours, I won’t bother to text you. This is how it works. – Brad, 28

You might now want to ask:

What Does It Mean When A Guy Doesn't Answer All Your Texts

He texted so much at the beginning. What happened?

He initially tried to win your trust, so he brought his best. He didn’t want you to go to another guy, so he kept the door open. He set a goal to win you over. He could relax and not pursue you as hard once he had won you.

For the reasons mentioned above, it is not sustainable to text constantly. When a relationship is settled down, it’s no longer necessary. That’s what causes the decline. This is exactly where women can ruin what they have.

They interpret the drop in text as indicating that he is losing interest, panicking reflexively and becoming terrified. She becomes a needy girl and loses her cool.

The moral of the story is to relax. He is not doing anything wrong. If you don’t like how things are, there is no problem.

Guy Confession:

If I love a girl, I text her often throughout the day to keep her in my thoughts. This is not sustainable. It becomes a working relationship after a while. The problem comes when the girl demands that your text as often as you did in the beginning. This makes it seem like work. – Kevin, 29

  • Men communicate differently from women.

Men talk not for the sake of building relationships but for the sake of achieving a goal or creating a plan.

It’s possible for a woman to get annoyed if he keeps going back and forth and is cute, but it doesn’t matter. She thought going back and forth with a guy and being flirty was a way to connect, but he didn’t feel the need to reply further. The girl may be upset, wondering if he was offended by something she said. However, the guy is going about daily business and focusing on another thing. He is unaware of all the chaos he is causing within her.

It is really nothing if a guy doesn’t respond quickly or gives short, concise responses!

Guy Confession:

Even if the text doesn’t get a response, girls expect it. A text such as “I’m going see a movie tonight” does not require a response. It’s better to ask the man, “What movie should you watch?” If he doesn’t reply, then he is probably busy. If he is displaying a consistent pattern of behaviour, he may not like you. “Leave him,” – Nate 26

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love text

  • He isn’t interested in you.

This area is a common one that trips many women up. You might have dated him for a while, or maybe you’ve been chatting for months. Whatever the case may be, he’s a man you like. But you don’t know much about him, and his texting habits make it difficult to find out.

Sometimes he sends you texts. Other times, it takes days before you hear from him. Sometimes he responds immediately to your messages, but other times it can take hours, days, or even weeks. It is so confusing. Does he love me?

He likes you, but not in a significant way. He is attracted to your company and enjoys you being there. However, he doesn’t like you in a significant manner. This means that he doesn’t view you as someone he would like to be in a long-term relationship with.

Trust me, that’s how difficult it is. You may want to keep the signs that he likes you. There is also plenty of evidence to suggest that he doesn’t like you enough.

A guy loves you. He won’t leave your side, he won’t keep you in the dark, he won’t make you feel like a stranger, and he won’t abandon you or risk losing you for another guy. A guy will text a girl if she likes her, and he will be excited to send her back. He won’t look at his phone and think she’s not in the mood right now. I’ll text her later (and then forget about it for the next few weeks).

You won’t have to remind a guy that you exist if he likes you.

  • He’s busy.

Sometimes, the simplest explanation may be the best.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s home alone and bored. He may not check his phone for 45 minutes an hour just because you do. People get busy. People move into another room when their phones are charging. People read a text, wait a few minutes, and then respond.

Sometimes, messages don’t get through or arrive a few hours later than they were sent. It is important to consider everything in context. If he is interested in you overall (and it is easy to see when a man likes you) but doesn’t reply, he’s likely distracted or busy. His texting will reflect how he feels if he has been sloppy with you.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Doesn't Answer All Your Texts

When You Express Your Feelings And He Doesn’t Reply

  1. Men who care about you will take the time to make it happen. Everybody is busy. But if a guy truly cares about you, he will do everything he can to improve your life. He won’t just leave you hanging on a message. Because he wants to speak to you, he’ll text back. He will be happy to see your name on his phone and will not be annoyed if he can get a few words in return.
  2. It takes less than one minute to text someone back. Texting someone back takes less than a minute. When you receive a message, your phone will notify you. The notification won’t stop until you read the message. He can’t ignore the red bubble staring at him, even if he has no time. Texting back usually takes less than one minute when he opens the message. Do you guys want to clarify if that is too much?
  3. You deserve more than mixed signals. It’s not worth trying to decipher every word he sends to you to determine if he likes or dislikes you. Don’t let him text you if he doesn’t like you. Do not continue to pursue a man who is not feeling it. Although your heart may long for something, listen to your inner voice and stop being desperate. You know deep down what an unanswered message means.
  4. You should never be waiting for a guy to call you. You are responsible for your own life and will not let another guy take over. A guy is expecting you to text him back whenever he wants wrong. Men are not God’s gift for women. You don’t have to wait for him to return your call. Please send him a message and move on.
  5. If a man truly loves you, he will be glad to hear from you. He will also be happy to send you a text. He will not see texting as something he has to do but as something he wants to do. He is interested in you, and he wants to continue the relationship. He won’t reply if he doesn’t want to. The “relationship” is heading straight to the bottom.
  6. It’s important to distinguish between an occasional occurrence and a pattern. It doesn’t matter if he forgets to reply to a text or misses a message. But if he keeps you waiting for a response for days, it’s clear that he isn’t interested in answering your questions. Because you aren’t on his mind, he doesn’t answer (or at least not quickly enough). He will text you whenever it is convenient for him, most likely when he is bored or horny.
  7. He will try to build a relationship if he wants it. He won’t do the work and put in the effort if you don’t want to be there. Are you willing to pursue a man who doesn’t consider you a priority in your life? You’ll be exhausted and dissatisfied if you do all the work, but he doesn’t even meet you halfway. Men who are truly interested in someone will try to meet you halfway.
  8. Guys don’t do a good job of expressing their emotions. If a guy doesn’t reply to your texts consistently, he is likely trying to tell you something. It would be nice if he showed more respect and told you that he doesn’t like you. But that seems too much. Many men do what they know best: avoid the problem and hope it will disappear once they get the hint.
  9. Sometimes, a guy will use texting to define a relationship. If a guy texts you regularly, he is likely interested. If a guy only texts you when he’s horny, he is not interested in being your hookup buddy. If a guy doesn’t reply to your messages, he isn’t interested in you. He’s trying to get off your back. If he doesn’t reply to your messages, then you should slap him in the face and move on.
  10. Stop pursuing him if he doesn’t want to. Men who are interested in you should text back. Don’t text guys who aren’t interested. Do not try to change his mind. It’s your loss if a man doesn’t believe you’re great. Move on from him and find a man who is excited to have you in their life. A guy who isn’t fighting for you can’t be trusted. You have to realize that a message is just a message. That’s his way for you to understand that he doesn’t care.
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Although it is reasonable to expect him to respond within a few minutes after sending a message to you, it is perfectly normal to want to hear back from him within a day or two of texting you, even if it’s just because he’s busy. Don’t sit around and wonder what’s wrong with him or assume he has an excuse. You have a life, and you can help him.

Waiting for a guy to text is a waste of your time.

Although we know that a guy who doesn’t reply to your texts is likely not interested in you, it’s tempting to stay around if he changes his mind. It’s possible to argue that he may not know you well yet and that it’s early days. However, he might change his mind once he does. You may convince yourself that you are overreacting or that your expectations are too high. You might be tempted to convince yourself that he isn’t your boyfriend. You should relax a little. Wrong.

  1. This is a bad precedent. You might believe his excuses that he is “bad at texting” and that he “totally forgot” to reply because he was “super-busy” when he received your message. How do you envision your relationship moving forward? You’d end up miserable if he put so much effort into it now.
  2. he may be texting women. It could be anyone, but that’s okay. Maybe it’s another woman or several women. He’s an endless bachelor who loves to play the field. Are you willing to spend time trying to find out the truth?
  3. You come across as desperate. You’re trying to make yourself appear desperate by justifying his absence from contact. You wouldn’t do this if you were not.
  4. There are better uses for your energy and time than this. A guy who is truly into you will send you a short message, regardless of how brief it may be. He will want to let you know that he is still thinking about you and that he still values you being there in his life. Because he values you and your time, he won’t leave it hanging for days, weeks or even months. Anything less than this is unacceptable.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Doesn't Answer All Your Texts

How do you move on from a guy that doesn’t send back texts?

Although it seems obvious, the best way to get rid of this guy is to block and delete his email address. It’s easier to walk away if you have been in a relationship for some time or are emotionally attached to him. Here are some tips to help you get over your past relationship.

  1. Tell him how you feel. He may not respond to your positive messages. However, it would be best if you voiced your feelings. You can tell him that his behaviour was disrespectful and offensive and that you feel he wasted your time. It’s okay to point out the immatureness of his behaviour. You’ll likely feel a weight lift off your shoulders once you speak (or type) that.
  2. It’s possible to believe you are better off without him. Consider how awful he made you feel and how often he made it seem like you weren’t enough. Is it possible to feel this way in a relationship? You are not the only one.
  3. You can now block and delete him. You don’t want to see his name on your phone or be reminded about his existence. He won’t likely ever message you again. Block him on any dating apps where he was a member, and remove him from all social media accounts. Good riddance!
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What to do when he doesn’t text back

Don’t panic or assume that he is losing interest in you. What resulted from prematurely panicking that led you to a positive path? I don’t think so.

If he doesn’t text you back, it is probably because of one of the reasons I mentioned above. If you don’t know what it is, just let it go.

Please don’t send him messages a million times to follow up. If he doesn’t reply to your messages, you can just let it go. Do not follow up:

Are you there??


You must have an iPhone because you posted something on Instagram.

This will make you look insane and pathetic. Do nothing. Send him a text if you haven’t heard from him in three days. If he doesn’t reply, then send him a follow-up text.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Doesn't Answer All Your Texts

Why is it so hard?

Fear is at the root of girls getting into a panic over texting. Fear that the guy isn’t interested in you and will hurt you or that he’s trying to get something from you.

Our psyche will seek evidence to support our fear or belief. We navigate the world using filter systems that only take in what is important and discard the rest. If you believe no one likes or respects you, you will focus on the negative and ignore all the evidence that others like you.

It can be scary to like a guy, especially when you are still unsure how he feels. You feel vulnerable, guarded, and nervous and don’t trust that this guy will be any different from the others.

It would be best to look for evidence that he will harm you. This is a sure sign that you won’t be able to get the man you want. If you don’t hear back from him, it is not because he is busy. It’s either because he doesn’t care about you, or texting another girl.

If he does not respond to your messages within hours, it is not because he did not have his phone nearby. It’s because he doesn’t believe you are important.

If his responses are short, it is not because he doesn’t like texting and would prefer to see you in person. It’s because he dislikes you and doesn’t want him to send you more text messages.

You get the idea. We create our stories. If we allow those stories to stick long enough that we believe them as true, then we create our reality. This is what brings out our worst fears.

Think about the men who were interested in you, even though you weren’t attracted to them. You probably didn’t notice how often they texted you or what they said. You were warm, nothing was at stake, and you didn’t even care if they replied to your messages.

Trust me, it’s hard to maintain this mindset with guys you like, but I want you to understand how our thoughts can impact our lives. You will be driven crazy if he doesn’t reply.

What to do if he doesn’t text you back?

Stop worrying so much about it! This is a huge deal for women, and it’s not something that guys realize. Many men are surprised when I tell them how many people have questions about this topic. It’s unlikely that there is a problem. Don’t make one!

These feelings may be caused by your inability to respond. You may feel afraid of rejection, or it could be feeding your fears and feelings of not being good enough or unworthy. You can’t get the problem solved by him sending you texts.

The relationship is more than just texting. Instead of focusing on how many texts you exchange each day, think more about the quality of your time together. As a relationship develops, it is normal for the number of messages to drop, and you spend more time together. You don’t have to stop sending texts.

Focus on you and your emotional health. Your confidence and sense of worth are important. You can control your thoughts and stop them from spiralling into an obsession zone. You can control your thoughts and emotions, and you can control your feelings and him.

Men can interpret texts as expressing emotion. It works. They can tell when you are coming from a desperate, needy place. It would be best if you had him be a good person.

This whole texting thing will become a breeze once you control your mind and body.

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