What Does It Feel Like For A Woman When A Man Ejaculates Inside Of Her?

We believe that you are having troubles in understanding how a woman feel when her man ejaculates inside of her.
Worry no more because this article is aim to give every detailed information about your worries. Carefully read this and understand it all.

what does it feel like for a woman when a man ejaculates inside of her?

  • For some women that enjoys rough aggressive sex, they feel the ejaculation only when it 

This is so because, the thrusting will increase in the intensity right before the ejaculation. Which seams to be like a final sprint to the coveted finish line.

  • For those women that likes giving blowjobs.

During blowjob, you man might tell you that he wants to ejaculate. But before then, you will feel the dead of his of tool grow a bit bigger than normal just before the very moment, and about some minutes she will notice that the amount of saliva in her mouth has increased and this time, the taste will change.

  • Tickling/bubbling sensation due to lubrication.

This is generally for every woman. Depending on how deep the penis can go inside the vagina. The woman will feel the lubrication gotten from the penis and a kind of tickling will occur which will increase your breathing and then a feeling of cold liquid will occur inside of you.

  • You will feel happy and a kind of warm.

Due to the ejaculation is hot and at the same time cold, it will make it to be warm immediately it reaches your vagina, you will feel happy and warm. You will be happy because of the thought that he is going to come inside you and the activities that went on before the ejaculation will keep you happy.


  • You might not feel anything at all.

There are some women who dies not feel anything when their partner ejaculates inside of them. It is normal and you got not nothing to worry about. Some people care like that. It normally for those women who are not too conversate to their body. Or those that is not sex type. It depends on your body.

  • A slight warmth spreading inside of them.

For some women, they felt as if their vagina is slightly spreading and contain with a bigger amount of liquid depending on the size of the penis. This is to show that he is inside of you and throbs and enough penetration will also be occuring.

  • Feeling of Pulsing and fullness.

The first thing you may feel is pulsing. You will observe that his penis will move in time with the contraction of his orgasm. A feeling of fullness will evelop her and she will feel warmth.

  • Some women felt it like a water gun shot, followed by sensation of flooding of hot juice.

Depending on the individual and the level of ejaculation that the man produces. At first, it may feel like a gun shot for some women and the hot juice he produces will bring up the pleasure in her vagina.

  • She feel her man’s penis starts to throbs and pulsing against her.

Most women use this throbbling as an indicator that their men is about to ejaculate. It normally happen in every sexual intercourse.

  • You may not feel it but you can feel through your man’s muscle.

Just look carefully and observe that your man’s muscle will be teased up and he will moan depending on the type of guy, but definitely a slightly moan will be released unknownly. His thrusting will increase and this time it will be more stronger before he bottoms out. That’s to say before he starts withdrawing his tool from you.

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