A very important question that need to be answered, so if the reason why you are here is to understand the meaning of open relationship. Relax then for you are in the right place for it. Now read carefully as we are about to discuss the meaning of open relationship in details. “What do you mean as open relationship?”

What do you mean by open relationship?

• An open relationship is a relationship that is known by everyone, and it’s a relationship where by the two parties agreed to meet with another person without any issues.
It’s a relationship that involves a mutual understanding. A relationship that the man or the woman involved is supporting the other to hook up with another person.

• For instance: a man and a woman may be in a relationship, but agree to allow the man to meet up with another woman, or the woman hook up with another man.
It will be a free relationship where you can do anything you like with another person, even to sleep with another man or woman and your partner will not be angry or jealous about that.

“What do you mean as open relationship?”

You can now see that an open relationship is a relationship that both the woman and the man in the relationship, have an agreement that both of them is free to hook up with another man or another woman, and even share some intimacy without the other partner getting angry or jealous.

Everyone is free of going into another relationship with an opposite sex.We believed that you are able to understand what we have just discussed.

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“What do you mean as open relationship?”


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