What are the things very girl should have?

What Are The Things Every Girl Should Have?
What Are The Things Every Girl Should Have?
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So many have asked this question and many have gotten the answers, many are still moving forward to know more on this, but here we will give you the major things every girl should have. “What are the things very girl should have?”

Pay attention and listen very carefully in order to understand things the way they are.


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Things every girl should have;


  1. Fear of God

This is the number one thing that every girl should have, reason is because, when you have the fear of God, you will always have less chance of a guy deceiving you, because it will be easier for you to say no whenever you feel that something is wrong, you will first fear that God will not be happy with you if you follow a particular thing he advised you of. “What are the things very girl should have?”

For example, your boyfriend may invite you to a night club and will also convince you that he will take you home that same night. But if you have a fear of God, you will think twice of how will your parents or guardian say when they come and are unable to see you, again the thought of otherwise will come in, you may reason the possibility of him taking you back home that same night, you will also think about, what if something goes wrong and you may find yourself sleeping with him, and the incident may lead to pregnancy, what your people and God will do to you. Doing that you will see that, it will lessen the level of mistakes you will make in the future.

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  1. Good Manner of approach.

As a young girl, you are supposed to have a good manner of approach so that you can be able to create good records in your days. Do not be the type that is always ready to tackle everyone that comes your way no matter who they are. Life is not a place where you can be boasting of what your mouth can do, you may not know where you will meet anyone tomorrow. For example, “What are the things very girl should have?”

Some girls are fond of when a guy approaches you, maybe trying to speak with you for friendship, instead of you telling him that you are not interested, or you just greet the person and walk away, they will prefer to stay there and insult them, even called them name’s, forgetting that one day you may meet again. Learn how to approach anybody on your life with respect, no matter the age of that person. Be cautioned on your actions.


  1. Good character

Let your character be something that everyone can take home, make your character to be one of the trending characters. Address people as humans, treat the younger ones as if they are one. Do not be in a haste to act especially to the people around you. Do not nag at any little thing, because nagging will always scare people away from you especially, that nagging may scare a guy that is interested away from you.


  1. Good code of dressing

Girls are meant to be admired and adored, not the other way round. Be the kind of girl that is always mindful of the type of cloths to put on. Do not expose your body too much to people when you are in a mixed environment. You can wear anything in your room but once you want to go out, wear something smart that can cover your body , not wearing clothes that covers you from head to toe. At least something attractive but smart. Girls are meant to be seen, but don’t make yourself too exposed that you will worth nothing to the people around you. Do not wear the one meant for club to church, or the ones made for church to club, organize yourself and wear appropriately.

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“What are the things very girl should have?”

  1. Respect

Every girl must try to have some respect to people no matter the age, because it will help you when you are married. It will prepare you for marriage, in case if you are with your husband’s family. Respect will always give you favor and room to be happy. Do not be rude and arrogant to the people you meet, because nobody knows tomorrow except God. Give respect to whom respect is due. Be the type that greets people, greetings will always clear some smokes that may distract you tomorrow. For example, A girl in one company, a staff of a company, every time she comes to work, she always greets the security man and all the minor workers in the environment, not minding the level you are, if she want to go home for closure, she will also greet. She has been doing that for so long and she is being known of that, until one-day, something happened to her in that company. She came to work, and greeted them as usual, she went to the bathroom and the door locked itself, no one knew where she was, they thought that she has gone, every one left, but the security man was eager to respond to her goodnight greetings but no show, he said that maybe something bad has happened to her, he went in search of her and later noticed that the bathroom was locked from inside , he tried to open it and finally succeeded in doing so, but he found the girl lying unconscious there, that was how he saved her life. Now you can see how greetings /respect have saved a young girl.

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I believed that you have known the things a girl should have , in these few points that we raised here, if you can make it up with this few characteristics, I believed that everyone around you will be happy. Thanks.

“What are the things very girl should have?”

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