What are the stages of a relationship?

What are the stages of a relationship
What are the stages of a relationship

There are bout five most important stages in a relationship, and those stages is what we will be writing on now. Understand as you read, because am going to give answers to your question What are the stages of a relationship?.

What are the stages of a relationship?

1. Attraction stage.

This stage is the first stage in a relationship where you both meet each other, fall in love and agree to be friends or to be partners. This stage is the beginning stage where everything is still new for both of you, which you guys are carried away by the love you have for each other. It’s the stage where both of you are not fully discovered or known each and every one of your characters. He or she just got your attraction and you moved for it.

2. Tough/ struggle stage.

This stage is the hard stage of a relationship, because it is as stage where some issues may likely to arises if care is not taken. It’s a stage where you will discover fully the character of your partner, a stage where you are bound to have problems, you will be learning and examining so many things you don’t know about each other. It a stage that can easily lead to divorce or separation. This stage is very critical in a relationship. It takes wisdom and understanding to pass this level on a relationship. A brave man or woman passes this second level, but those that are too fast in acting, always makes mistakes in this particular level. This stage of relationship is the stage where partners are meant to understand each other, work together to control the weaknesses of the other.

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3. Commitment stage.

This is the stage when you are committed to everything that goes in your relationship. It is the time that you accept your duties in that relationship, and play your part in it without any quarrel. It deals with the total submissive of oneself. You are bound to be in each other’s side and be there for each other no matter what.


4. Real love / romantic stage.

It’s a stage where after all those stages you are now fully used to each other and you have known how to control your emotions and temper. A stage that brings more love in to your lives. A stage that you become more advanced in love, and a stage when your relationship is romantically sound and much happiness is enrolled. It’s a stage when you truly understand how your partner is and how you will be helping him or her. The joy and love of being on a relationship will be emerged.


5. Final stage.

It is a stage where you accept your relationship and accept to stay together with your partner without any separation even after marriage. It’s a stage that brings an everlasting happiness in a relationship.


Having read all these and understand it, we believed that you are can now be able to know the stages of relationship. Feel free to drop your comments in the comments box if you have any.

“What are the stages of a relationship?”

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