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What are the signs of cheating wife?

Many men have been asking this question on the signs to know if their wife is cheating on them. Well I don’t know your reason of asking but all I can tell you here is this, there are few signs that I will show that you can use to check if your wife is cheating on you. I understand that it is hard to trust someone and it hurts so much when someone betrays that trust you gave her but relax no matter what happen for is not the end of the world, so no matter what happens or how hard it hurts just remember to always forgive your spouse. “What are the signs of cheating wife?”

What are the signs of cheating wife?


1. Lack of Attention.

If your wife don’t pay attention to anything in the house, about you and family then know that she may be cheating, unless she is the type that is career oriented. The type that is always busy with business. So you know your wife better, if she is not that type she may be cheating then because all her attention will be on the new found love.

2. She will be distracted.

If she always look distracted or let say looks like she is thinking about something else when both of you are together discussing or having fun together as lovers then check well because she may be thinking about someone unless something else is troubling her. So I advice you to check well.

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3. She change mode dressing.

If your wife suddenly changed the way she dress and the way she makes up, then something maybe wrong not that she can’t wear fine clothes but if the reason behind those clothes is not for her to look more attracted to you, then tell me or ask yourself who else she is wearing them for, since you are not the one.

4. Sex will be lacking.

The sex part of your marriage will be lacking, and your marriage may look like a sexless marriage somehow or even full. Unless you too are always busy, but if you look at the sexual life and notice that she is no more interested at times in that area, then she may be cheating on you.

“What are the signs of cheating wife?”

5. She will always be busy with her phone.

If your spouse is always busy or distracted with her phone and it not something like playing games, online business or watching of movies but instead she is always on social media chatting always then she may be cheating on you.

6. Lack of communication.

If you notice that the communication section of your marriage is lacking and you have tried to bring it back and all efforts is only on you, then look closely to her to know if she is cheating on you, because nothing else will keep a married woman busy except her family or you that is her husband.


To know more if she have been cheating on you is not what someone else will do for you, but is only you that can find out yourself because you know how and things she have been doing before, so what is left for you to do now is to have a deep breath and think if everything about your marriage and your wife have change and then with the above signs too. You then look for the reason behind it and how to fix things back.

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“What are the signs of cheating wife?”


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