What Are The Signs Of A Falling Marriage?

What Are The Signs Of A Falling Marriage?
What Are The Signs Of A Falling Marriage?
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Marriage is a legal union between a man and a woman. There are things that shows the a marriage is falling. It depends on how fast you notice that your marriage is falling. But we will discuss on the common signs of a falling marriage. “What Are The Signs Of A Falling Marriage?”


Below are the signs of a falling marriage


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  1. Too much of nagging
  2. Disregard
  3. Ignorant
  4. Negligence
  5. Nonchalant attitude
  6. Lack of trust
  7. Unhappiness
  8. Lack of concern
  9. Keeping late nights
  10. Reduction of pet names.


Too much of nagging:

Nagging is not good in a marriage, but at times your partner may be angry and nags at you, but too much nagging is very bad. It shows the marriage is falling, because no amount of things you do to him/ her that will please him any little thing you do is a crime. He/she may be nagging at any little thing. Even the one to be corrected calmly, there will always be need to nag. When you notice that your partner nags for no reason, know that the marriage is falling. So what you have to do is to find a way to revive the relationship.



This is another aspect of the signs of a falling marriage. When a partner begins to disregard the other, it only shows that there is no more love in that union. It’s the whereby a partner is unable to regard the other partner, you be showing blind eyes to your partner even though, he/she fights for the family.

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“What Are The Signs Of A Falling Marriage?”


Ignorant is another aspect of a falling marriage. When you notice that your spouse ignores you, no atom of care, no matter what you do, He/she will not find it interesting, even to speak with you properly. Once you notice that, kindly act fast to revive the love and your marriage.



This aspect is when your partner finds it hard to share ideas with you, instead he/she prefers to share it with an outsider. The things that you supposed to know as a husband or as a wife, you will find out he no more shares it with you, and it happens repeatedly as if it’s a routine. All these are signs of negligence. Ask, try and make work on it in order to revive the marriage.


Nonchalant attitude.

This one is similar to negligence and ignorance but somehow differ. It is the act in which your spouse behaves as if he /she do not care, I don’t care attitude, and he/she behaves as if it doesn’t concern him/her. Even when there’s need to work together you will find out that your partner acts as if he/she is not a member of the family. Once you found out that your spouse is acting like that, just meet up with him/her, asked some questions and know if the fault is from you, make amends and continue your marriage.


Lack of trust.

This is another important aspect of a falling marriage. A marriage that lacks trust must surely fall apart, when there’s a leakage in trust ,try to fixed it , because for two people to live together as one there must be a complete trust, because that will make the marriage last and be strong. If your spouse begins to lose trust in you even when there’s an evidence of truth. Know that something is wrong, especially when it happens repeatedly as if it’s a routine. Try fixing it for a better marriage.


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Marriage is supposed to be packed with so much fun, but your spouse is unable to drive happiness in everything you do no matter how you do it, note that something is wrong somewhere, and try as much as possible to fix it.


Lack of concern

Concern is supposed to be the life of both partners. The things that are happening to you supposed to border each other. You should feel for each other’s pain and happiness. But when concern is lacking in a marriage, know that there’s something. Fix it and revive your marriage.

“What Are The Signs Of A Falling Marriage?”

Keeping late nights.

The number of people keeping late nights is high nowadays and it’s from the married people. Some keep late nights due to their work but, majority keeps late night due to their home is not their comfortable place anymore. If your spouse suddenly start keeping late night, know that maybe you have pushed him/her to it through your character or that there is something he/she is not telling you. Do not use Force to know that, instead try to fish it out and correct it as soon as possible.


Reduction of pet name’s.

Some marriages today have forgotten the pet names they gave to their spouse at the wedding day, some have even started calling their spouse by their names or by casual names that others, used to address them too. Use some sweet pet names to your spouse. When your spouse that always called you some pet names, suddenly stopped calling you that, and addresses your unusual, my dear, ask yourself some questions and look for the answers as fast as possible. Marriage is supposed to be sweet and enjoyable not horrible.

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So with these few points of us, we believe that you have understood the signs of a falling marriage, there are other things involved, but we just want to use the most common ones that happen frequently in some home that we didn’t notice. If there are other ones you want to add, feel free to add it for others to learn too.


“What Are The Signs Of A Falling Marriage?”

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