What are the reasons for marriage failure?

What Are The Reasons For Marriage Failure?
What Are The Reasons For Marriage Failure?

Marriage failure has many things that can cause it, and most of them are even common things that we neglect and think it’s nothing. To save time for you I will just go straight to the points to things, which can cause marriage failure so that you can, take note of them and know how to avoid them. “What are the reasons for marriage failure?”


What are the reasons for marriage failure?


  1. Lack of trust.


This is one of the reasons why you may fail in marriage, because if you don’t trust your partner there is no way, you can even believe or accept that he/she is telling you the truth. So I advice you to learn trusting your partner to avoid failure in marriage.


  1. Lack of formula/pattern.


Believe it or not every marriage has its own formula/pattern that should be implementing in it. Any marriage that lacks this can’t last. So learn of the formula that works best for your family, and don’t copy another person’s formula, or way of living in his/her marriage, because what work for the person may not work for you. So try to first cool down and understand your own family formula. “What are the reasons for marriage failure?:

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  1. Learn to forgive.


Forgiveness is very important in a marriage because nobody in this world is perfect. Try to understand that no marriage is perfect, and try to forgive your partner when he/she hurts you.


  1. Don’t compare your marriage.


Never try to make a mistake of trying to compare your marriage with another one, because your spouse and the other spouse in the one is not the same. So don’t compare and just use your own formula, or way of living to solve your marriage problems.


  1. Lack of understanding.


To avoid marriage failure you need to learn to understand your partner, don’t judge him/her quickly because no matter the reason behind it his/her actions.


  1. Cheating.


Your marriage will be fail if you are the type that cheats on your partner. Especially if he/she finds out that you cheat. It is said that if you know what will cause trouble, don’t do it. So why cheating on the heart that loves you. Just imagine if it’s you what will you do if your partner does so. Endeavor  to avoid cheating.


  1. Believe in your marriage.


Stop asking why is marriage a failure, if you are the type that doesn’t believe in your union. Because if you want your marriage to work out, you have to believe in it and work hard for it. “What are the reasons for marriage failure?”


  1. Never compare your marriage with another one.


It is said that your own is always your own and my own is mine. I like what I like and you also like what you. If that is the case why then are you comparing things that happen to your union to another person’s own? Knowing full well that you and the persons is not the same combination, and your partner and his/her partner lifestyle is not the same. Which means what will work there for them won’t work for you here. If you know all this why then are you comparing the two? Please avoid it and concentrate on how to make your marriage work.

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  1. Never allow third party to decide for you.


If you are the kind of person that always tell your friends and family the issues you are having in your family, and also apply the advice they give you in your marriage. Then just know that you are on your way now to marriage failure, because the advice you are practicing on your union is not your formula. And since it is not your own formula it can easily destroy your union. “What are the reasons for marriage failure?”


  1. Selfish.

If you are the type that thinks only about yourself and what will favor you alone, without thinking on how your decision makes your partner feel. Then you have to stop it because you are destroying your marriage.




To be in marriage means that you promise to defend and fight for not just your own right, and happiness but that of you and your partner. So be ready for it. Love your partner and put him/her first in anything you do. Seek also for his/her advice because you too are in it together.

Remember no marriage in this world is perfect, bear it in mind and also try as much as you can to do something, which will bring peace between you and your partner.

Let me know if you have any other question and contribution that you will like us to know or help clear you using the comment box and I will answer you.

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“What are the reasons for marriage failure?”

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