What Age Is Most Common To Lose Your Virginity?

What Age Is Most Common To Lose Your Virginity?
What Age Is Most Common To Lose Your Virginity?

A lot of people are asking this particular question, and yet to be satisfied with the answers they get, but what we have to tell you is that, this question is that of the mind. “What Age Is Most Common To Lose Your Virginity?”


The answer to this question is that, there is no specific age that is common to lose your virginity. Your virginity is your pride as a woman. Losing of the virginity depends on the individual’s decision. A lot of girls choose to be lose theirs at young age some at the age they feel they are ready.

My dear, I will tell you today that, virginity has no limit, it has no expiring date, it depends on your decision, but it is better to keep your virginity for the man of your dreams, your husband. For it will be an everlasting remark knowing that you kept yourself for him and doing that will always make him defend you in any circumstances of that may lead to questioning your character.


Again, it is important that you know that if you are trying to break your virginity at the younger age, know that is very bad, because it will make you to do a lot of mistakes with guys and, then you may say that men are wicked. At the younger age, you hardly know what is right or wrong, you may be carried away by the love he showers you , forgetting that the road is still far, when you are dating a guy, that is still living under his parents’ custody, who doesn’t make his own decisions unless his people do, you two fall in love, forgetting that you still have a long way to go.

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“What Age Is Most Common To Lose Your Virginity?”

You may see that the love will stop at the road , and maybe by that time, you have given away your virginity to him. From that moment, you will start giving them yourself because it may be hard for you to control sexual urge. Even if you want to lose your virginity, at least try to do it when you are matured enough to Know what you want and what you will face.


I believed that I have answered your question, so sit down, decide on the step to take, for you are the one that will decide not anybody. Virginity has no limit, provided that nobody forced you to do it.

Read carefully and choose wisely, thanks. Feel free to drop your comments if you have any.

“What Age Is Most Common To Lose Your Virginity?”

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