Ways to Become a Successful Nurse

Ways to Become a Successful Nurse

Nursing is the most challenging yet rewarding career in the healthcare industry. Whether an individual is just starting their career as a junior nurse or wants to become a nurse leader, there are vast field opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the nursing profession would grow by 7% from 2019 to 2029. Thus, many students are pursuing this field as their career today.

As good as it sounds, the field also has high competition. If you are considering making a career in the high-demand field of nursing, you must hone various skills to thrive in your career. Below are some of the ways that can help you climb up the ladder of success in your nursing career:


  • Set Smart Goals

How can one achieve something if they aren’t sure what they want? If you’re going to become a nurse, your next step must be to set realistic goals. One best way is to establish your S.M.A.R.T. goals as these goals will discriminate you from others in the same industry. Does the question arise what exactly are SMART goals? SMART goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Don’t forget to set the timeline for each of your goals, as they will help you push forward and let you assess your performance.


  • Continue Education

The healthcare industry is continually evolving; so should you. To get on a successful nursing journey, stay abreast of your field’s current developments and advancements. Gaining additional education would never hurt anyone; it will increase your credibility and make you a valuable asset to the organization. A plethora of opportunities exists for nurses that are looking forward to going the extra mile. Sit back and make a career plan on what options do you want to consider. Nurses willing to specialize in a particular field can opt forĀ online dnp fnp programs to become the nursing sector’s future leaders. In this way, they can maintain a perfect work-life balance, at the same time, achieve milestones. Also, make sure to mention whatever skills you are learning or training on your resume. Thereby, you will not have to waste time remembering your achievements when applying for jobs.


  • Build Strong Network
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Pursuing a career might be a solo venture, but you can’t deny that you need to make strong connections in your career. Who knows which link in your network helps you in your nursing journey and opens doors for the opportunity you desperately wanted. Thus, start building your network from the time you are earning your bachelor’s to your workplace peers. A better way is to keep yourself updated with the email addresses and contact details of your network.

However, don’t just restrict yourself to nurses only; try to make connections with other professionals from the healthcare industry, too. Look for social networking sites to build contacts with professionals in the medical industry. You can join professional associations or communities to keep yourself updated on the latest news and advancements in the field of nursing.


  • Communicate Efficaciously

Picture this; you need to explain the treatment procedure and care plan to the patient and their family. However, due to the lack of strong communication skills, you couldn’t deliver the information well. How do you think the patient would heal adequately? Therefore, you must possess excellent communication abilities to carry out the tasks and succeed in your career efficiently.

Bear in mind, effective communication is not just good speaking skills but also includes active listening. The ability to understand directions given by a physician or any other supervisor can help you provide the best care to your patients. Having strong communication can build trust with your patients. In this manner, they will feel more comfortable sharing their needs and problems.


  • Be Compassionate
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No matter where you find nursing employment, you will deal with patients from different walks of life. These patients may suffer from various mental or physical disabilities. Due to their health problem, they may feel emotions, such as anger, depression, fear, bitterness, etc. You must be empathetic and compassionate to be a successful nurse. It would be best to learn how to be empathetic to understand how your patient feels. That way, you can devise strategies that can help them cope with their dilemma.


  • Think Critically

Being a nurse, you will have to face different situations each day. Apart from technical skills, nurses must possess strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Having command of these skills can help you examine, analyze and decipher the situation. There might be times when you will have to make on-spot decisions and save the lives of patients. These skills come in handy when you want to figure out the underlying factors for a patient’s condition. However, it is necessary to apply such skills and provide optimum care without any biases and favoritism.


  • Manage Time Effectively

No one can disagree with the fact that life as a nurse can get overwhelming at times. Specifically, nurses who work in hospitals that are low on staff find it hard to manage their time. Therefore, to avoid hectic schedules, you must arrive at your workplace before the shift starts. That way, you can figure out the tasks of high priority and perform them well. Also, you can ask for help from co-workers to deal with difficult cases. Effectively managing time allows you to pay extra attention to your patients and prepare for unanticipated situations.


  • Set Up Your Wardrobe
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You probably have heard the phrase; the first impression is the last. Imagine yourself appearing at the hospital in your nightdress. Would that make a great impression? Will it attract your patients and employers? Definitely, no. It may seem like you are not serious with your job responsibilities and, admittedly, not with your career. The way you dress speaks volumes not only in the corporate world but also in the healthcare industry. Inspect each nursing attire and make sure that they are stain-free and do not have any tear signs.



To say a nurse’s job is to cater to the patient’s needs would be a bit of an understatement. The workload that these professionals carry with themselves is unmeasurable. They have to pour in hard work, remain alert 24/7, interpret situations, make logical decisions, and dedicate time to their profession. Either you have started or planning to start your nursing journey. To achieve the ultimate success in your career, you must learn how to cope with stressful situations. It is inescapable when you work as a frontline worker.

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