what guys want in a relationship

If you are new in the word of relationship and you finds it hard to understand your man. Or you don’t know exactly the best way for you to treat or to handle your man. If the reason why you are reading this now is for you to know what guys want in a relationship, then relax for you are in the right place. I wil explain to you exactly what men needs from their woman.

what guys want in a relationship

A Lover

Men wants a girl who will show the true love. A man needs a woman who will love him just the way he is, without loving him because of wealth. A man don’t want a woman who will only call him darling and sweetheart only when their is money in his pocket. He want a woman who will love him unconditionally without having a reason to love him.


 A sincere person to be with

He want to see a woman who is sincere and truthful to him without lying or pretending to him. If you want to capture the heart of a man, you must learn how to live your life without pretense or any forming. You must try your best not to hide anything from him, be open and plan to him and you will see that he will cherish with all his heart. “what guys want in a relationship”

Understand him

A man needs a woman who will understand him in all situation, no matter how hard it may be. In fact if you truly want to make your man happy you must learn to always understand your man at all times. Is only when you calm down to understand your man, you will know if he is cheating or have a better plans for you. And the truth about it all is that men don’t play or takes for grated a woman who loves and understands him. “what guys want in a relationship”

Give him Space

You need to give your man space at times to allow him hangout with others. Don’t be that girl who don’t allow his guy to  hangout with others or have fun with others. If you are that type then you are not getting it right. A man needs to be free and have time to move out with his friends. But if you deny him of that, he will easily get tired of you.

Love people around him

Men don’t like a girl who chase people around him away. If you are the type of girl that do so, you are not doing it well. Remember he has been with those people before he meet you. When you have not meet him all these people is who has loved and be there for him, even when you are not around him. Why then are you chasing them away. If everyone around him leave immediate you come in or they see you, is not a good thing. so please try to know what to do about it and stop it. “what guys want in a relationship”

Give him attention

This is very important because is only when you give your man attention will you understand him and know exactly what he wants and when he needs you most to be with him. So i want you to also understand that men love a woman who give them attention and care too.

Let all not be about you

Yes you need to also think of him too and the things he need. if you are the type of girl that think only about you and make the relationship to be one sided love. You are getting it wrong. So if you asking what guys want in a relationship and you can’t even for once think about your man and what he need. That means you are not getting it right too.